We’re halfway done with our stay in the hotel and we’re having a blast! Here are a few pictures of the weekend so far.

My mom was really serious about snacks. I’m not sure she knows we’re only staying two nights and not an entire week! Haha.

Melvin and Anthony relaxing and enjoying the giant tv in the room.

Yay, for birthday weekends!

Happy times.

Wouldn’t be my family if we didn’t have a good card game or two.

Despite having the worst cards ever I still had fun.

Took a trip to Ikea and had Swedish meatballs, of course. Yummy!

Um, I’m actually not sure what that is. I’m fairly positive it’s not wine.

Little buddy is tired.

Which brings us to now. The boys are down for a nap and everyone else is enjoying some quiet time and relaxing. Once the boys wake up we’re planning on grabbing dinner, going swimming in the incredibly warm swimming pool and then playing some more games.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend too. I’ll update more when the weekend is over. *smile*