Joel and I took a trip to the Apple store today to get his computer fixed. While I was there I got a seriously awesome case for my iPhone. It’s the iSkin Solo FX. It’s cute and red with circles plus it’s non slip so I can set my iPhone on smooth surfaces without worrying about it getting knocked on the ground. Look how pretty!

The best part is, when the phone is asleep, the screen protector turns into a compact mirror! Can you say genius? Well it is for a girl on the go like me. It’s the simple things in life that amuse me, ok?

I seriously love my phone. Joel and I both got the 3G iPhone when it came out a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, Joel was mugged very shortly after getting his but so far I’ve beaten off all attackers and gotten hours of use and enjoyment out of mine. Before I got it I had to lug my heavy laptop along with me on all my trips. It wasn’t easy finding wifi that I didn’t have to pay for and pulling it in and out of my bag at security was a pain. The iPhone eliminated all that hassle.

When the 3Gs came out last summer we briefly considered getting Joel one but when they announced the features we were less than impressed. Let’s see, $299 (because the $199 price is for new customers. Don’t even get me started on customer loyalty, ugh!) and the main difference is video and a compass. Yeah… not that exciting considering dozens of cell phones already offer video and I already have a pretty good sense of direction. Just didn’t seem worth spending almost $300 plus signing another 2 year contract with AT&T (especially since we’ve become less and less satisfied with their services).

It’s just so frustrating because when the first iPhone came out it was groundbreaking. Apple has always been on the cutting edge of technology and the first iPhone was no exception. The thing is, I think Apple got greedy. Seems like their thinking was to release new upgrades little by little so that people have to have a new iPhone every year. Why give the customer the full product all at once when you can make them pay for five or six? Why else would they wait to add something simple like cut and paste? Or Flash (which the iPhone still doesn’t offer)? Or video? The maps application, while helpful, is definitely not turn by turn GPS. (One of my favorite things to do while Joel is driving is to yell at him to get out of a lake or a building since that’s where my phone says our “current location” is. It doesn’t amuse him much.) You can pay $50-$100 for the Tom Tom app if you want to add GPS to your phone or AT&T sent me a text that said they offer GPS service you can pay monthly for.

I understand there may be more to it than just greed. It just feels like they’re pushing things a bit too far. Consumers aren’t stupid, especially ones that buy Macintosh products. *wink* There are lots of other phones out there that offer just as much, if not more, than the iPhone. The iPhone is starting to not be that special. Joel and I are waiting until our contract is up this summer. Hopefully the new iPhone will be out by then and is totally awesome. Because I love Apple, I really do love my iPhone and quite frankly I’d rather not have to get used to a whole new phone.

So Apple, consider this your notice. I don’t like feeling like I’m being jerked around. The next iPhone better be the best thing out there. I know you can do it.

Plus, how many phones can I find that turn into a mirror?!