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My Baby Girl

No, I don’t have any announcements that include morning sickness and weight gain. Joel and I got a little baby girl this past May. She weighed just an itty bitty 2lbs when we brought her home. She soft and furry and the cuddliest little thing you’ve ever met. Introducing…

Miss Phoebe Lou

Phoebe six weeks

Here she is at about 5 weeks old.

When we went to the breeder (Country Pups in Durand, Il) to look at the litter there were four female puppies. One was already spoken for so we had our choice of the other three. They were of course adorable, as all puppies are, and we took them out of their box to play with them to see if we felt a special connection with any one of them. After awhile, one by one the puppies got sleepy and whined and scratched at their box to get back in. Except Phoebe that is. She crawled into Joel’s lap and curled up and fell asleep. Just like that we were both in love. So while we may like to think we chose her, I think it’s much more fair to say that she chose us.

At eight weeks we brought her home.

bringing her home

So tiny!

It’s a two hour drive from the breeder’s to where we live but she was a good little girl and didn’t even pee on me!

Here are a few highlights over the past few months.


Her first bath. She hated it, lol.


She seriously is the most cuddly puppy I’ve ever met.

phoebe out for a walk

She loves going for walks. She has finally stopped eating ev.ery.thing. in sight.

sweet puppy

Look at that sweet face!

She’s now almost eight months old. I can’t believe how fast she’s grown and turned into this sweet little dog! She’s still super tiny, my best guess is she’s about 3 1/2 – 4 lbs. However, she’s not one of those obnoxious, yappy little dogs. In fact, she barely barks at all. Everyone who meets her loves her, even people who don’t like little dogs.

Her only fault is she’s not 100% reliably housebroken. I blame us for that since we tried to litter box train her at first. Yeah… she’s a dog… that was a bad idea. Anyway, at about 20 weeks we stopped that and are still retraining her. She’s pretty good about going outside but she’s not good at telling us she has to go out. *sigh* If anyone has any advise we’re more than open to it!

Other than that I couldn’t ask for a more loving, well behaved little baby dog. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about her in the future since she goes with us anywhere she’s allowed. So now you’ve been introduced and I hope you grow to love her as much as we do. She’s our baby and we’re super lucky she chose us.




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  1. Oooooo, i want her!
    she looks adorable en soooo funny when wet.
    I can see why you simply have to love her.
    housebroken means she wont pee in the house right? (never heard of it)
    maybe your vet has a suggestion for that?

  2. Yeah housebroken means she tells us when she needs to go outside and never potties in the house. She’s not there yet. I’ve read a lot about it and some days I think she’s getting it and others I’m about to give her away. The vet can’t really do much except test to see if there is any physical reason she can’t hold it (we did test her and there isn’t) so now it’s just about being really on top of it and consistent. She’s only eight months and her accidents are getting further apart so I’m hopeful. We’ll see how the next couple months go!

  3. Sandy

    Hi congrats on an adorable Papillon. My husband and I bought 2 girls also from them The Mom is 5 and her little girl 10 months. And they too are sooo adorable but baby has had accidents also. We give treats when they go so we think there holding it to go outside more and get more treats. We’ve only had them 3 weeks now so all and all pretty good! We watch for signs like sniffing or her but goes down then quickly take out side. They are crate trained which h really helps and they can hold it pretty long! So stay vigilant watch the signs and keep your patience its so worth it♡

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