Just got back from a wonderful multi-day trip to Brazil. Here is a little photo tour of the trip.

Day one I spent walking around the big city of Sao Paulo.

A few little fun facts about Sao Paulo: Sao Paulo is the fifth largest city in the world and has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan.

The weather was perfect. It was high 70’s/low 80’s and sunny.

I also visited the MASP museum which is a modern art museum not far from the hotel where we stay. It had a really interesting collection of modern art mixed with classic pieces. My favorite was the Art Mama and Bread man exhibit. Here is an article about it on p-arte.com.

That evening I went with a couple pilots out to a traditional Brazilian steak house called Paulista Grill.

The restaurant had a delicious spread of different salads and sides to go with your meal. But the real reason to eat there was the meat, which is served directly to your table depending on whether your flag says:

and when it’s on green the meat just keeps coming.

Seriously, soooo good. Honestly, I went to the buffet to get some salads and things at the beginning but most of it ended up pushed to the side and uneaten, the meat was just too good.

The next day was a turn to Rio. We flew over in the morning, spent a few hours at the hotel down town and then flew back to spend one more night in Sao Paulo.

A view from the bus on the way to the hotel.

Gorgeous view of the beach from my room.

Hard work, I know, but someone’s gotta do it.

Day three mostly consisted of me working very hard….on my tan. I also did a little window shopping and then stopped by the grocery store to pick up some lunch.

Mmmm, yummy sandwich and some melon that was a little bit of heaven for your mouth.

Me over looking my view from the balcony in my room.

That evening I headed home. Brazil is by far one of my favorite destinations and hopefully I’ll be able to go back there soon. I know I say it a lot but it never stops being true, I love my life!