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Most amazing day ever

Today I took my mom to Discovery Cove to do their “trainer for a day” program. Swimming with dolphins is something my mom has talked about for as long as I can remember so I’ve always wanted to be able to do it with her. Here are the pictures from our amazing day.

Mom and me before

We got our official V.I.P. passes.

Mom and me with dolphins

Here we are with our dolphin, Capricorn!

My dolphin kiss

He’s the stud of the group… and he has good taste, obviously.

Fin ride

We got to ride on his fin.

Belly Swim

My mom got to ride on his belly (she doesn’t look happy or anything, does she?)

Foot push

I choose to do what they call the foot push. What you can’t see is there are two dolphins pushing both my feet. Ah.mazing.

between two dolphins

Here are the boys that gave me a ride, Capricorn and Diego.

Our fabulous day also included interaction with other animals.

Me and bird

Mom with bird

We got to feed all kinds of beautiful birds.


We also got to hand feed stingrays which was probably my second favorite part of the day. It was pretty incredible.

The day involved so much more than I got pictures of so those were just some of the highlights. Other highlights included: seeing a stingray give birth, petting a shark, behind the scenes tours of the park, snorkeling in their coral reef, delicious food and so much more.

Everything about the day was perfect and it was more than I even imagined it would be. Tomorrow we’ll visit Seaworld. Look for more pictures here soon!


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  1. Looks like you kids had fun. *smile* I’m glad you and your mom have gotten some bonding time.

    My headache is now gone by the way. I was up at 4:00 a.m. today, but totally feel great!

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