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Second Girls Day

Here is the second installment in the wonderful world of Abigail and Caroline. *warning* tons of pictures!

It was a much prettier day out so we decided to take the train to Den Haag. Robbert dressed Caroline this morning and had her put on a shirt that used to belong to Timo. Now, and I know you just can’t believe this but, Caroline is very particular about what she wears and she really didn’t want to wear that shirt. Robbert told her she had to wear it anyway and aside from a few tears she complied. As we were leaving though, I told her to get her shoes on and came back to find her with her pink sandles on. Her reasoning was that since she was wearing a boy’s shirt she had to wear these pretty, pink shoes, otherwise people wouldn’t know that she was a girl, lol! Obviously, she had to put real shoes on but we put her hair in pony tails so that there would be no question as to whether she was a girl or not. *wink*

I could hardly believe it but Ineke was right, Centraal Station is waaay messier than when I was here last! Notice however the beautiful blue sky. It was really nice, just a little chilly but not too bad.

messy station.JPG

We caught a train easily and were off.

 on the train.JPG

She wanted me to take a picture showing how big she is, she can reach both arm rests! lol.

big girl.JPG 

A half hour later we were in Den Haag. I love Den Haag, it’s one of my favorite cities in The Netherlands.

street den haag.JPG

the square.JPG

little cutie.JPG

Since it was still rather chilly we decided to stop at the library. I love the bright colors they use inside.

den haag library.JPG

choosing a book.JPG

happy girls.JPG

Here she is just looking out the window…what a sweetie…

just looking.JPG

Caroline got very excited about the Miffy stuffed animal (here they call her Nijntje).


She also liked the train she could play in there.

library train.JPG

After the library we walked around the city some more. I had nothing in mind really, we just stopped in stores that we thought were nice and ended up getting her some really cute sunglasses. They’re pink too so she felt much more girly, hehe.

new sunglasses.JPG

After that we were both really hungry so we had lunch and then got some ice cream (highlight of her day, haha)

ice cream.JPG

When we finished the ice cream we were both pretty worn out so we headed back home. We got home and not too much later it was time to pick the boys up from school. It was still nice out so I let them play at the school park until Caroline totally wiped out in a big puddle. She was soaking wet, pretty much from head to toe although thankfully not hurt but it was windy so we couldn’t stay any longer. I took her home to change and teased her that she fell in the puddle just so she didn’t have to wear the boy’s shirt anymore…I don’t know but she was much happier afterwards. Bit of a 60’s chick isn’t she?

60s chick.JPG

And so ends our two full days together. It was so great, and luckily I have two whole more weeks with all of them. Caroline is counting down the days until my birthday (it’s down to five) but I have a suspision it’s mostly because after that we’re going to Disneyland, haha. That’s ok, I can’t wait either!


First Girls Day


I almost ran over three pigeons today…


  1. VERY cute, but remember to take pictures of YOU while you are there! It’s not Caroline’s blog ya know? 😉 I love you hon.

    Always Learning,

  2. Melting

    Love the pic of you two looking out the window. Adorable. Have fun at Disneyland. Take a billion pics!

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