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My Birthday

It was wonderful! It started at breakfast where I received my presents. Even my chair was decorated!

happy chair.JPG 

Twenty one candles are hard to light and keep lit, but Robbert pulled it off.

difficult to light.JPG

I blew out all the candles but then discovered there was a trick one *shakes head* Ineke makes the best apple pie, by the way!


Most of the rest of the day I spent relaxing and reading a book. I also got birthday phone calls from Joel and then my mom which was very nice. Then in the evening I got ready to go out to dinner.


Here we all are ready to go out.

my birthday.JPG

They took me to an amazing restaurant called Rosso. (on the site you can click on the circle that says Rosso and then the square in the middle that says Fotos to see pictures of the place, just keeping clicking to see them all.)

Everything was sooo delicious and beautiful, I just loved it. And yes, being my 21st birthday and all I did have a glass of champagne. It also had a cherry at the bottom which made it quite good. *grin*

first drink.JPG

The staff at Rosso was very nice and knowing it was my birthday they made me a little firework.

bday firework.JPG

The whole day was so special. Robbert and Ineke, I can’t thank you enough for everything. It all was just perfect!


I’m 21!


I’m alive


  1. OMG. I look way too naked. Please reassure me that in the dark of the restaurant it looked better.

    For the rest; it was a memorable day and Robbert and I enjoyed it just as much 🙂

  2. I love you Abigail. Looks like it was a bunch of fun!!! *smile* Take lots of picture like this in Paris too!

    Always Learning,

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