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Last day as a 20 year old…

Crazy. I’m weirdly excited about this birthday, more than any of my recent ones. I guess now I will feel much more like an “adult”, only because I won’t be kept out of places and events because I’m not old enough. It’s not that I’m that excited about being able to drink legally in the states. I’ve never been that interested in alcohol…don’t know why, it just never appealed to me. But to be told I can’t sit somewhere or I can’t go in someplace simply because I’m not old enough is annoying. Especially when I’m married and a “grown up” in basically every other way. Plus, I lived in Europe for heaven sakes, if I was going to drink I’d have done it then where it’s perfectly fine and exceptable. Whatever, that period in my life is over. I won’t have to be left out of going out places with friends because I’m too young…I guess that’s what I hated the most. It’s not like I go out to bars on a regular basis or even have a desire too but it sucks when your friends are all going somewhere and you can’t cuz you’re too young. Well, no more! yipee! lol. Tomorrow should be fun. In the daytime I don’t have any big plans, if fact, right now my plan is just to relax, hehe. Then, in the evening Robbert and Ineke are taking me out, which is really exciting. *big smile* It should be a really great birthday!


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  1. HAPPY B-DAY ABIGAIL!!!!!!! We love you out here on the east coast – Maria, Seth and Alyzsa all say H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! ! ! ! !! the big 21!!!!!

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