…with my bike…yeah. But that has nothing to do with the post really.

I went to the market today. It’s a facinating place, extremely busy and full of people, too many sometimes in fact. You can buy just about anything you can think of. It’s cheap too, but you always gotta know that you get what you pay for.

the market.JPG

Now most of what’s there are things you’d expect like,


cheese (yum…), and almost any other kind of food or spice you can think of. All of it is fresh and inexpensive too. Last time I was here I bought the best pinapple from the market…and proceded to eat the entire thing in one night. Let’s just say my tongue really hurt!


tulips and many other beautiful flowers and plants,

cheap jewelry.JPG

cheap, but usually nice looking jewelry,

childrens shoes.JPG

shoes and clothes…the only problem is there’s no real place to try them on usually,


There’s also bras, underwear, socks, and toiletries. Like I said, most of what you’d expect but there are always a few surpises. Take this for example:

wedding dress.JPG

Now seriously, who is honestly going to buy their wedding dress at a market like this? Oh well, it may come in really handy I guess.

I also went out shopping again. I love this underground walkway with all sorts of shops, it’s fun.

underground shopping.JPG 

It’s even more fun when there are sales!


Then I hit the jackpot! An oliebollen kram that was still open!!!

olieballen kram.JPG

Just look at that powdered sugary goodness…mmmmmmm…


That made my day. Usually oliebollen are just for New Years and most of the carts are already closed so this was a really good treat. *smile*