You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!

Orange belt, woo hoo!

Some of you who know me may or may not believe this but since I got back from The Netherlands I have been taking Taekwondo. I absolutely love it! It’s such a great work out and a wonderful way to relieve stress. It’s a lot of high kicks and turns and things to so it’s more like dancing than a lot of other kinds of martial arts so that appeals to me as well obviously. Tonight I tested for the first time and got my orange belt. My mom and sister Liz also tested for their yellow belts (they started about 2 months before I got back) *smile* Here are some pictures, enjoy!

My mom, sister Liz and Me waiting our turn


Our teachers judging our work


Sledding Fun


Ah Christmas…

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  1. Good for you!
    So it works the other way round than Judo?
    Morten has his orange slips now (which is better than yellow)and saw in awe how your mom had an orange belt already 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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