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Little Mustard Lover

My nephew Hunter is about nine months old now and LOVES food. Absolutely anything you give him he takes a minute to think about and then makes mmmm noises while signing “more” (yep, he speaks some sign language). Today we were having hot dogs and just to see what kind of face he’s make I gave him a little taste of the mustard on my plate. He liked it so much! He kept signing “more” so I got out his little spoon and gave him the rest that was on my plate, hehe.

He’s so adorable!


Christmas Shopping


Sledding Fun


  1. pixieblue

    He´s too cute! My nephew is about the same age but a very picky eater. You re so lucky to have such a great little boy in your family! I can´t wait to see more pictures of him :o)

  2. He’s such a cutie! I miss his smiling face at cell with us! You’re so lucky to get to see him all the time now 🙂

  3. maybe we can work something out with Caroline and her olives and Hunter and his mustard!

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