You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!


Hey Everyone! In keeping with the new chapter I’ve begun in my life… I decided a new blog was appropriate. I’m keeping my old posts up at My Life as an Au Pair if you want to read about my adventures as an au pair in The Netherlands. And since I finally have internet access at my house you can expect regular updates from me once again *smile*


Kinda sad yet funny


The End


  1. You’re home! I guess…(?) Nice new look, anyway.


  2. pixieblue

    Hey Abigail I´m glad you are back home and feeling well!

    I discovered your blog a little while ago and I´ve read it regularly for several month now. I enjoyed reading about your adventures in the netherlands – though I don’t recall how I first found it. My name is Julia, 22 and I live in Germany! Now I’m a subscriber to your new blog, so please keep on posting here

    Thanks Julia

  3. Yes, I am back in the States now. It’s been nice so far getting ready for Christmas and all that jazz.

    Nice to meet you Julia, it’s always fun to meet someone new who likes my blog. Do you have a blog?


  4. pixieblue

    No, sorry I have no blog. I spend too much time reading and commenting on other people’s to write one of my own lol

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