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Christmas Shopping

I went Christmas shopping today finally. I put it off until now…but seeing as the big day is less than two weeks away I figured I’d just get it over with. The problem is, I’m not a normal girl who loves to shop. Nope, I’m a weirdo who is finished on a normal day after an hour or less. Then, when you throw in the hundreds of crazed Christmas shoppers, I would MUCH rather just stay home… However, I realized that the closer to Christmas you get the the worse it is so, I finally sucked it up and went. I took Joel along with me to drive (because I don’t drive anymore…long story.) and to keep me company.

Unfortunately, Joel hates shopping more than I do so after the second store he was very done and a little cranky because he was hungry. Luckily for him I was pretty done as well so we went to one more store and were off to Taco Bell. I even got a free t-shirt out of the deal cuz Q101 was there doing…I dunno some promotional stuff I guess, I couldn’t participate because I’m not 21 yet (geeze I miss Europe) but they did take my picture so who knows, I may end up on the site somewhere, hehe. After that we headed home and wrapped everything.

So I’m half done, yea! Tomorrow I should be able to finish up almost everything and then I can just relax and try to actually enjoy the season.


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  1. Deliver me from SHOPPING! (And I don’t like wrapping much, either.) I’d much prefer to sit in front of the computer and order stuff online to be shipped directly to the recipient!

    Guess I’m turning into a Grinch.

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