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Kinda sad yet funny

Well, I’m going back pretty soon and I thought these were pretty funny (p.s. I had to post both Chicago and Indiana since I’m so close to Chicago that they all pretty much apply to me)

~You Know You’re From Chicago When…

You say “Wanna go with?” when you mean “Do you want to come with me?”

You know what Kennedy, Dan Ryan, Eisenhower, Edens, and Bishop Ford, have in common and curse one of them daily.

You know what Giordanos, Lou Malnati’s, and Gino’s have in common.

You know when the last time the Cubs won a pennant.

You don’t pronounce the “s” at the end of Illinois. You become irate at people who do

You measure distance in minutes (especially “from the city”). And you swear everything is pretty much 15 minutes away

You know what goes on a Chicago Style Hot Dog

You know what Chicago Style Pizza REALLY is

You understand what “lake-effect” means

You know what the phone number is to Empire Carpet!*

You wear gym shoes, not sneakers.

~You Know You’re From Indiana When…

You drive for three hours and the scenery outside doesn’t change.

There’s three feet of snow on the ground and school is still in session.

While driving all you see is corn.

People still have Christmas decorations up at Easter.

There really is more than corn in Indiana. There’s soybeans, too.

You’re proud to be called a Hoosier, even if you don’t know what one is.

You have no problem spelling or pronouncing “Terre Haute”

“Getting caught by a train” is a legitimate excuse for being late to school.

You know what FFA and 4H stand for.

There’s actually a college near you named “Ball State.”

* I actually do, how sad is that! lol (588)2300EMPIRE






  1. i am so from Chicago / Indiana. *hehe*

  2. …………What’s wrong with living near a college named ” Ball State”, huh? …………where did you find these?………..I’d like to speak with the person who wrote them………

  3. Oops! Capricore is my roomates screename. Accidentally wrote the message as him. I meant to write is as me. Sorry for the confusion!

  4. It’s sad that I can relate to EVERY one of those!
    Looking forward to seeing you come home soon!

  5. do you remember the EMPIRE christmas song to the tune of Jingle bells? That was the best Commerical ever…funny how I’ve been in Brazil for over a year and a half, and I can STILL sing it! 🙂 Hope you have a great trip back Abby…I love you!

  6. Too bad this blog is no longer being kept but I'm glad you had a great time being an au pair. Wish we has such an extensive opportunity like you do!

  7. you know you are in California when people say
    "Hey, whats up dude" lol

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