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Earthquakes, Fires and Colds

Sorry for the lack of updates but Blogger gave me a hard time getting the pictures on the post below, plus I’ve been fighting a cold and stuff the past few days and simply haven’t felt up to blogging. So here’s what’s been going on since Saturday.

Saturday my host family’s cellar caught on fire. No one was hurt and there’s not any unfixable damage to the house. You can read the full story on Joel and Ineke’s blog. Please pray that the insurance decides to pay for everything and that the process is quick so that everyone can get back in the house and back to normal life.

Sunday I was in bed half the day with a killer headache so nothing to report there.

Yesterday we had a small earthquake! Kid you not, the whole house rattled for about three seconds or so. It was a small enough that we weren’t exactly sure what had happened. It was like a really huge truck went by or something enormous fell downstairs in the house. No damage anywhere in the city I don’t think, just enough for a little excitement.

Today we finished getting the birth certificate for Sam taken care of. There was a bit of a problem because Thea and Marcel don’t have the same last name which is I guess unheard of here. So Thea had to memorize in Romanian and say in front of a notary that it’s Marcel’s baby and she wants Sam to have Marcel’s last name. We then went on a little errand that I’ll show you all pictures of once I get back to Holland and from there went shopping at the Metro which is a grocery store where you can buy things in bulk. We got a nice supply of Honey-Nut Cheerios and Crispy Milkyway bars for me since they don’t sell them in Holland, woo hoo!

And yeah, that’s about it. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll join our Canadian neighbors who are missionaries here and help them out while they go to the hospital. I’ll take pictures and let you know how it goes tomorrow. Until then *smile*




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  1. sweet! i love pictures! *smile*

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