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Two monasteries and a castle

Well it was another really nice day. The weather wasn’t spectacular. It was kind of rainy and chilly but really not too bad. We left at about 9am and drove two hours north (do not ask me the name of the towns though because I couldn’t pronounce these Romanian names for anything, lol!) and went to some ruins of a castle/fort:

The ruins

Me in front of the ruins

a view of the inside of the ruins

It was very neat to see. I’d never been to something like it before and we could climb all over the place. It was kind of too bad that the weather was so cloudy because there would’ve been a really amazing view otherwise. There still was a neat view but it was impossible to capture on camera.

From there we drove a bit further to see the monasteries. And along the way I got to use one of these…

I’d never used one before, or seen one for that matter and I thought it was so funny looking, hehe.

The first monastery was so cute. It was in a tiny little village filled with flowers!

The front inside

Some of the flowers that were everywhere

The inside of the church at the first monastery. Everything is so elaborate, it’s all covered in beautiful paintings and gold and silver. It’s really amazing.

Before leaving we let the dogs out of the car for a little bit and met this nun. She actually spoke very good English and thought Gijs was the most amazing thing. Turns out her parents live in the same city as Thea *smile*

We drove to the second and final destination of the day. This monastery was quite different than the last one. It was (and I believe still is) a place where they print a lot of Bibles. It was neat to see the old printing presses and copies of Bibles there.

monastery number two

From there we drove home….

And that was my day…Until next time *smile*


Romania Pictures


I’m a millionaire!!!!


  1. Beautiful pictures Abigail. Hi from all of us to all of you there!

  2. That picture is fantastic, abbers! I’m glad you’re having a great trip! Be safe!

    (In case you were wondering, I was talking about the picture of the bathroom stall thingy…..:)…)

  3. that’s a squatty, Ross. They’re *bunches* of fun.

  4. When I went to China, I had to Pee in the ground just like your little picture of the toilet! HA!

    I was a nanny in New York and Connecticut when I was young. What do you make as a Romanian Nanny?

  5. Well I’m not really a nanny here I’m just kind of “on loan” for three weeks to help with the baby. I go back to Holland where I’ve been an au pair for the last year on Friday *smile*

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