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Sam and Me

Well, I thought I’d update real quick with a photo Thea took of me today with the baby. He’s such a sweet little baby and every day he’s doing more and is more alert. He’s even lifting his head up a bit now.

Other than the excitement of new baby boy things are pretty relaxed around the house. Job is at a Judo camp for the whole week so there’s one less person in the house. Today Ella and I went in search of conditioner for my hair at an itty bitty pharmacy about a ten minute walk from the house. They had some shampoo but no conditioner in sight so with my complete lack of Romanian it took me a while to make them understand what I wanted. I did get the message across eventually but unfortunately they didn’t sell it 😛 So tomorrow Ella and I plan on biking into the actual city and finding some there. Should be an adventure. *smile*


It’s a boy!



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  1. Lis

    Hey girl… you do a great job on your blogs. Great pics, stories, etc. You are getting quite the life experiance. Love you!

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