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Romania Pictures

I’m here 🙂 I’m having a great time too. The weather was much colder than I expected it to be the day I got here and yesterday but it warmed up nicely today, yea! Here’s some pictures of my last couple days here:

It was a very long car ride from Bucharest airport to Bacau but we made it just fine

Here’s the house I’m staying in. Beautiful isn’t it?

This is their seriously big Great Dane with Abel (5). That thing is literally bigger than I am, luckily he’s sweet.

Saturday we played inside because of the weather. I hadn’t played Twister in ages, hehe

The weather improved long enough for us to take the dogs out for a walk behind the house

A shepherd with his sheep and goats not far behind the house

Today we went to the market

a lady selling her apples

a gypsy with her baby at the market

And we also went to a kind of indoor zoo, they called it an animal museum…

a big old fish at the “animal museum”

Then after lunch we took the dogs for a walk in the forest outside the city, it was really pretty but we didn’t stay long because there were way too many mosquitoes

Thea picking wild flowers in the forest that we took the dogs for a walk in

So yeah, everything is going well and it looks like I’ll be able to post pictures and updates every couple of days here. Until next time *smile*


Goin’ on a trip :-)


Two monasteries and a castle


  1. i bet it would be fun to visit Romania. 🙂 glad you are having such a good time! *smile*

  2. I am glad the weather improved! Felt almost guilty for telling you my sister had been living on flipflops for the last 5 weeks.
    Nice pictures!
    Kids are really jealous you get to see their “best friends” in Rumania and they don’t.Morten is trying to persuade me to go see the baby but i think he settled for calling once a week now.
    TTYL !

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