You Only Live Once, This Is How I'm Doing It!

It’s a boy!

Well, Thea had her baby at about 10:15am yesterday morning. He’s a healthy, beautiful baby boy named Sam. I promised Ineke lots of pictures so here’s some from his first day home:

Sam and proud mommy Thea at the hospital just before coming home

Itty bitty baby

muisjes…a traditional treat for when a baby is born

aw, sleeping baby

Isn’t he beautiful?

His brothers and sister are super excited to see him and Thea is doing wonderfully. More pictures to come *smile*


I’m a millionaire!!!!


Sam and Me


  1. fun! i heard you did a good job driving over there too. *claps*

  2. Thanks Abigail! Sam is a cutie. And tell my sister she looks rather decent in the pictures :0
    I was wondering if they had muisjes !
    This whole baby story stuff has caused Morten and Timo to accounce that they too would like another brother/sister, just to keep the scores even.

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