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Boeven Feest

So, Morten had his 6th birthday party. His actual birthday isn’t until next month but, since he’ll be on vacation then, he got to have a party with all his school friends now. It was absolutely adorable. The theme was boeven (or thieves) and Ineke took them through this adventure where they get mistaken for thieves and got thrown in jail and all kinds of things. Absolutely adorable, let me tell you. Here are some pictures:

Ineke reading the story to the boys

Here’s the cake, cute hé?

The house was decorated “like a jail cell” with cob webs and creepy stuff

They got fingerprinted

and mug shots taken

then there was a “prison break”! (a game they played, ankles tied together they had a race around the back garden)

Eventually the boys decided to play with Morten’s new toys and then it was time to go home. I think it was absolutely adorable and went extremely well. In Morten’s words “It was the best party of my entire life!”


Number 4,000


Mmmm, lekker!


  1. That was probably the coolest cake i have ever seen at a kid’s party!

  2. woah thats one sweet decorated cake. I wish i still was a kid. 😛

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