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So apparently I’m a liar now…

Or at least according to “anonymous commenter” on this post… I’ve never been called a liar in my life (well, since I was a kid anyways. I can remember my sisters chanting “liar, liar, pants on fire” a time or two but that’s a whole different story, hehe). It surprised me and actually made me a little mad (which you will probably be able to tell if you read my response to the comment) but in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter and actually it’s kind of amusing when you think about it. So yeah, I’m going to chose to laugh this one off and actually I had a really great day aside from that. I’ll post about it more tomorrow since I have some fun pictures (which I actually took) from the show (that I actually went to) that I’d like to post along with it. But for now I need to catch up on my sleep so, g’night everyone! *smile*


Night Stuff


Good times, good times…


  1. Anonymous

    *shakes head* people will say anything. There is a way to not allow “Anonymous” posts on your blog. That may help you avoid such comments in the future. ALSO, you can delete comments made by users you don’t want posting on your blog. You might want to think about putting those two measures in to place.

  2. life is good Abigurl. *smile* i think you are wonderful even if others do not. I am also glad you had a nice day. *claps*

  3. This post is stupid LOL and nobody cares about you “Anonymous”. Ok, I understand what it´s all about but … hey whatever :o) So, Abigurl, GO ON posting!!! I really love your blog and the way you are writing! I try to come in every day to check for new entries, so please keep up your good work!!!!!!!!!

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