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Pinkpop 2005

This past weekend I went to Pinkpop, a music festival in Limburg, and had an absolute blast! I’ll let the pictures tell the story 🙂

Saturday 14 May-

We got up at 5am and had three hours of trains and busses (well, four hours really since we missed one of our trains and had to wait an hour)

When we finally arrived we set up our tent (in the rain) and explored things a little bit

Heineken, the official sponsor of, oh, just about every major event in the Netherlands, lol

The first night the best act definitely was The Chemical Brothers, they did euro dance mix stuff, it was great

and for good reason, I watched a girl almost break her neck crowd surfing during the Chemical Brothers :S

Sunday 15 May-

It rained until almost 3pm…so the ground was pretty wet and muddy, not to mention covered in trash 😛

Beef, it’s not just what’s for dinner *wink* it’s also a really fun Dutch band

The Prodigy put on a really great show

getting close to the fans

I enjoyed them a lot! It was great, we were right on the bar and I have the bruise across my ribs to prove it, hehe

After that show we called it a night and went to bed, notice I didn’t say went to sleep. It was freezing cold (honest, I was wearing four shirts and three pairs of socks!) and every time we’d fall asleep we were awakened by some drunk tripping over our tent, *sigh* Oh well..

Monday 16 May-

The weather finally improved, no more rain, yea!

Everyone was enjoying the nice weather and just acting crazy

Wir sind Helden, a band from Germany and probably my favorite band from the festival. They were really good!

Bloc Party, another good band this time from the UK. We watched the show and then got their autographs afterwards, fun fun

Faithless, the last band of the festival

After them we headed home, we both couldn’t stand the thought of another cold night in the tent, hehe

Notice all the confused looks and pink hats? Nobody really knew what was going on as far as the extra trains went. It worked out though and we made it home by about 2am Tuesday morning.

It was such a great weekend. Going into it I was unsure about how it would go simply because I only knew one band that was playing but now I’m so glad that I went. I heard so much great music and had a really, really fun time *smile*


Country Getaway


oh deer…


  1. Music festivals are always fun! Rawk on!!!

  2. somehow, my comment went wrong, hope i didn’t post it twice now:

    just wanted to say that i can see you’ve been busy posting today coz i know it takes ages on our pc to download something *wink*
    And i am glad to read you and Caitlin (read her blog too) had such a blast on Pinkpop. Nice pictures !

  3. haha, yeah it does take ages but most of the work, ie. resizing and uploading, I did last night (finally quit at about 1a.m.ish) Today I just put the posts together, took me about an hour *wink*

    And yes we both did have a blast. Thank you again so much for sending us! *big smile*

  4. Kathrin

    h cutie, i will burn you the “wir sind helden”-cd today:-)

  5. actually I bought it there cuz I liked them so much, lol. thanks anyways though 🙂

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