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Daughters of Soul

What a fun night I had. Ineke and I, along with a couple of her friends, went to Het Paard in Den Haag to see Daughters of Soul (really click on that one, it gives you a little taste of what I saw…) It was a great show. Basically, it was three daughters of famous soul singers: Simone-daughter of Nina Simone, Lalah Hathaway-daughter of Donny Hathaway and Indira Khan-daughter of Chaka Khan. Plus three other soul singers: Joyce Kennedy, Nona Hendryx and Sandra St. Victor. It was a very fun concert. Soul music is something that I would probably never just stick in my cd player and listen to during the day but when you’re at a concert and the music is loud and you can just dance and get into the music I love it! *smile*


Sandra St. Victor and Indira Khan (note: Indira sweetie, before you announce how much you love a town, make sure that’s the one your performing in! You’re in Den Haag not Amsterdam, lol *wink*)

Lalah Hathaway

Passing down a love of soul from one generation to the next.
A true “daughter of soul”


Koninginne Dag




  1. sweet! i love live music. How long of a drive was it to get there?

  2. Great pics Abigail!
    It was fun wasn’t it?

  3. Those pics are wonderful. Looks like a good time… concerts are fabulous.

  4. Robert B

    Hi there,

    Although I would qualify as an “Old School” guy (hey, I’m 36 but feel like 20), so I sent your Daughters of Soul “review” to some friends. Love it, thanks!

    When listening to nowadays Rap/R&B music, ask yourself the question “Where did that come from?” and you will probably end up listening to some 70’s or 80’s artist or band.

    Anyway, keep up the good work as an Au Pair, and remember the funky part of NL. Much respect and good luck with the website and travelling!

  5. Anonymous

    Personally, I can tell by the pictures and your comments that you were not physically at the concert. Therefore, you cannot critic Indira about knowing her location. She was in Amsterdam when she said hello to Amsterdam.

    Soul music isn’t enjoyed because it’s loud like rock music. Soul music is enjoyed from the soul.

    The only reason I’m making this comment is because you had the audacity to speak in a condescending tone “sweetie” to a Soul Sister, lie about being at a Soul concert that is very much a part of being black in America and trivialize it by saying “Soul music is something that I would probably never just stick in my cd player and listen to during the day but when you’re at a concert and the music is loud and you can just dance and get into the music…”

    You’re the one who needs critiquing.

  6. You know, I probably shouldn’t even respond to your comment because it’s just ignorant…but I’m going to anyways.

    First of all, you can “tell by my pictures that I wasn’t there”? What’s that’s supposed to mean? lol. I don’t understand. They’re so good they look like I stole them off a website? or what? Personally, I just had a good time taking them and I don’t think they’re that wonderful but thank you for the compliment, I guess.

    Second, Indira may have said “Hello, Amsterdam” in Amsterdam as well (I’m assuming that’s the show you attended since you say that?) but she also performed in Den Haag where she said “Hello Amsterdam” and not only that, but soon after made another comment about how much she liked Amsterdam because “we’re so with it”! People from outside The Netherlands seem to think that Amsterdam is the only city here, it’s not an uncommon mistake and I guess it happens to the best of us, I just thought it was humorous.

    Lastly, I enjoy soul music however, I haven’t listened to it much and it’s not my favorite kind of music. That’s not ok? lol. Because I was under the impression that everyone was entitled to their own opinion…hm, guess I’m wrong.

    I had a lot of fun at the concert and I would definitely go to another one. Sorry that it upset you so much that someone has a slightly different opinion than you. However, next time just say that you disagree instead of making wild accusations that are untrue and just end up making you look dumb…

  7. Anonymous

    *points and laughs at the first anonymous poster*

  8. Go Abby, Go Abby !!

    For the anonymous reader who said she wasn’t there; she’s got me and 3 other witnesses to prove she was.
    We had a great evening so what the beep are you rambling on about?

  9. ‘Anonymous’ you are so full of crap! I was at that same show and saw her taking these pictures.

    And Chaka’s daughter really can’t sing. The only thing she was good at was shake her fat booty … 🙂

    So ‘soul’ is a black thing? The audience was predominantly ‘white ass’ as I would call it. Can I say that or is that politically incorrect?

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