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Koninginne Dag

Queen Beatrix

Saturday was Queen’s Day and it was so much fun! We were going to go to Amsterdam but after Koninginne Nach and how crowded it was we decided not to go there where it was going to be 50x more crowded with tourists! So instead we decided to go to Scheveningen where the queen was going to be and spend the day on the beach. I’m so glad that we decided to do that because it was so nice and so Dutch. All the tourists were in Amsterdam mostly so we got to experience the holiday the way it was supposed to be. 🙂

Look it’s the queen!…What? You can’t see her?…Neither could we there were way too many people, lol. Oh well.

The beach at Scheveningen

There’s a club called Crazy Pianos that we’ve been to a time or two it’s a really fun place. They have live piano music and you can request songs and everything. It’s just kinda fun and different. Anyway, they had a stage set up outside so after getting a bite to eat we went over there to check it out. It was a lot of fun! We stayed there for a couple hours probably just singing, dancing, getting into the music and having an all around good time.

Caitlin, Mili and I dancing and just being silly

They even got a conga line going at one point

The best by far though was the cute old couple that really got into the music for awhile and danced together. That’s how I will be someday, hehe 🙂

After we were done with that Anna Maria, Mili and I sat on the beach for awhile and just enjoyed the nice weather and the view.

It was soooo beautiful!

We then went back to Anna’s house and waited for the fireworks to start.

Us girls watching the fireworks

A perfect end to a perfect day


Koninginne Nach


Daughters of Soul


  1. Sweet. Looks like i would have fun if i’d have been there. *smile* I like the picture with you looking like you are having so much fun in the orange hat. *hehe*

  2. Those are great pics… looks like a fun day!

    I want to come nerxt time lol.

  3. It was sooo much fun! I think that Queen’s Day is probably the best time to be in Holland *smile*

  4. Hey Abi. It’s nice to have fun specialy in a diferent country!!!

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