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Bloemencorso 2005

Well, spring is officially here. Today Ineke, the kids and I went to Sassenheim where Robbert’s mother, Toos lives and saw Bloemencorso (the flower parade). It was so pretty! Everyone decorated their transportation with flowers,

The Bikes

The trucks

And even the Police Cars

But the best by far were the floats in the actual parade, here are some of my favorites

A flower made from flowers!

Yep, that’s a purple cat, hehe

That’s me in front of the clown float 🙂

This one is supposed to be the queen’s golden carriage. I actually saw her riding in the real one last fall (that one was really neat to see…but this one smelled better, *giggle*)

Well there’s no question about it, we’re in Holland. There’s Sinter Klaas made out of flowers!

Ok, well there’s bunches more but I won’t bore you with them all *wink* Everything was very beautiful and put me in a very “springy” mood. However, the most wonderful thing about the parade I can’t transfer onto Blogger. That is the smell. It was the best smelling parade I’ve ever been to in my life! I wish I could’ve bottled it and taken it home with me, mmmmm! Oh well. So, that was my fun for the day. After the parade was over we spent a little time at Too’s house and then headed home because everyone was very tired.

A good day, but we were all ready to get home…


Duck, Duck, Killer Goose!


I love lay overs!


  1. sweet. i bet it did smell good. glad it was fun!!! the kids look so sleep in the last photo. good shot. 😉

  2. Oh that would be have been so much fun. I love flowers.

    And the kids do look so cute in that last pic.

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