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Month: February 2005

Look what I found…

…in Rotterdam!

Isn’t that a great combination? An Easy Internet Cafe and a Subway together! Unfortunately this Subway doesn’t sell Mountain Dew…oh well, I’ll still be eating there quite often *smile*

Nice relaxing day

I had a very pleasant day today. I didn’t do much other than sleep and finish this book:

It was a really well written book actually. It was a bit hard to read at first but once I got used to the style it was very good. I highly recommend it *smile*

My first time…

….putting Caroline’s hair in a french braid *smile*

I love my job!

Look at the wonderful kids I get to take care of!

Morten, 5

Timo, 4

Caroline, 2

They’re all great and I love them so much! *smile*

Mama Mia!

I went to see this today with Ineke and some of her friends. It was a lot of fun. It was in Dutch so I was a bit concerned about understanding it before I went but I ended up having no problems. Yea!

A picture of our group at the Asian restaurant we ate at before the show.

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