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Day at the Zoo

This week the boys are on holiday from school. I’m enjoying it because it means I get to spend the whole day with them instead of just a couple hours in the afternoon. It also means that we get to go out and do fun stuff. Monday I took the boys to see the Spongebob movie. Spongebob is definitely not my favorite cartoon character but it was fun just going out to the movies with the boys. Today I took all three of the kids to the zoo. We had a good time. It was a bit cold so we spent a lot of the time inside but it was still nice.

Me and the kids

“kijk, een gekke penguin!” *wink* (sorry, that’s for Lana and Joel, if you want to know just ask me)


Au Pairs


Nog een keer!


  1. I remember that zoo very well!
    During one of Morten’s school holiday’s I remember taking the kids there, the problem was it was one of the coldest days and there was snow everywhere[which was kinda cool, but Timo didn’t think so!].
    Your blogs awesome Abby!
    All the best, Myf

  2. that was such a funny day. I loved it when he saw the “crazy penguin.” *smile*

    thats a fun pic of you and teh kids too. 🙂 glad you all had fun!

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