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A Dutch Wedding

Today I went to a Dutch wedding. It was for Leendert and Mariëtte; Leendert is a friend I met a few weeks ago at the Bible study I attend. It was very nice. It was surprisingly different than an American wedding but I suppose that’s to be expected since it’s a different country. The major difference was they were technically already married because Dutch law requires you to be married in the City Hall before you’re allowed to get married in a church. They had done that last Tuesday so, this was basically a church service where they resaid their wedding vows. The rest of the service was singing and even a sermon. It was of course entirely in Dutch and so I ended up serving as a quasi-translator for the other girls there from the Bible study who didn’t understand a word. I more just gave them a general idea of what was going on since it’s a bit difficult to listen and translate at the same time. It was neat that I could do it though *smile*
A little bit of Dutch trivia: Most Dutch people wear their rings on their left hand when they’re engaged and then move it to their right hand when they get married, interesting hé?

This is de Kruiskerk in Dordrecht where the wedding was held.

The bride and groom singing together after they said their vows.

Congratulations Leendert and Mariëtte!


how is it possible…


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  1. loox like it was a nice little service. 🙂

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