Today was Timo’s birthday. He was so excited about it. He turned 4 today so he’s still at the age where birthdays are super exciting. I got him De Kat met de Hoed (The Cat in the Hat) which he was super excited about. We read it in Romania and both the boys thought it was hilarious. It’s really interesting how different it is in Dutch than it is in English. The general meaning is there but they make it rhyme so some of it’s very different. I like it though, I think it’s funny.

I also went Christmas shopping again today which was a lot of fun. I’ve never really shopped this much before, that I can remember. I usually have a big problem spending money, but since it’s for other people it’s really easy, and I actually enjoy it! Plus, all the Christmas lights are out now and it’s still the beginning of December so I don’t feel rushed. It’s really pleasant. Well, I know this one was short but I’m really tired so I’m going to finish with that. Have a wonderful Christmas season everyone!