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Indian VIPs Part 2

One of the strangest things about being in India was a sort of instant celebrity status. I’m not sure if it was having such light skin in a place where almost no westerners travel. We spent very little time in touristy areas. That combined with India’s obsession with light skin (It’s actually kind of sad. So many girls asked how they could get skin that looked like mine. They have such smooth, tan, beautiful skin that most Americans lie in tanning beds for ages trying to get. Why can’t we be happy with what we have? That’s a whole different post though.) we were quite the oddity.

This led to much waving and staring. We would sit on the balcony and talk while children across the street would watch us and wave. When we’d wave back they’d giggle and get so excited. I kind of felt like a monkey in a zoo. The entire time we were there they never got tired of waving at us.

Later we got a note from this girl saying how much she’d like to meet us and asking us to fill out a question book with our autographs.

We later went over to the note writer’s house for tea.

They were so happy to meet us. The way the little girl acted when she met me was kind of how I acted when I met Robin Williams. It was so strange to make someone that happy just by meeting them.

Another time a whole group of kids came to ask for our autographs and for us to answer questions like our favorite colors, food, musicians etc.

When we went to speak to a group of youth they all wanted our autographs as well. Here’s a video of me signing their hands with my name.

It was neat that one of the kids grabbed the camera from me so we got this clip of both of us with the youth.

When we were out seeing the sights in and around Hyderabad we had more of a celebrity type of experience. We were constantly being stopped and asked to have our pictures taken with different people.

Even the police wanted pictures with us. Not that we would have felt comfortable saying no.

I mean, look at those guns.

It was actually hard to see things because every few seconds someone would stop us for a picture. I can understand now how celebrities get body guards and deny taking photos with people. It’s kind of exhausting.

But I’m not going to lie, all that attention? I kind of loved it.

Indian VIPs part 1

Besides fulfilling my lifelong dream of traveling there, the main reason we went to India was to meet our contact. We got along very well because he’s a big dreamer as well as us, perhaps even more if that’s possible. The sheer amount that needs to be done can be completely overwhelming. There’s just so much need. He has a lot of big ideas and I think with lots of help from both the connections he has in India and the states we can actually start to make a difference.

One major thing that will help is his cousin. You know, the one we stayed with. While we were there they had a big political meeting. After much yelling and shouting and clapping we were invited upstairs and were surprised to be invited to sit down with the leaders.

Then we watched as our host was appointed as (from what I understood) a sort of state representative.

Then we were even included in part of the ceremony.

Receiving a dot and being fed a sweet was part of the ceremony. Very fascinating to be able to be a part of.

We then had pictures taken with the whole big group.

This picture ended up in the paper in a report about the election. Or rather in 7 or 8 papers. Then the next day several papers called and interviewed M about why we were there and ran a story just about us in just as many papers.

As a result the chief of police wanted to have a meeting with us.

We also got a tour of the station. During the tour one of the officers made sure to emphasize that they no longer beat or torment their prisoners. Um, that’s good to know. Very modern of them.

I’m not sure whether it was because of the article in the paper or just because of our light skin but we became very popular later in the trip. Like, celebrity popular. But those stories can wait until my next post. *smile*

Totally Spoiled

A friend of Joel’s is getting married and as a wedding gift was given use of a skybox for the White Sox game tonight. We were part of the lucky bunch invited along. I’m not really a Sox fan (go Cubs!) but when you’re VIP who cares! I’m now completely spoiled because a skybox? Is the only way to watch a baseball game. For reals.

We like each other, we really do. We were standing far apart to get the US Cellular Field board in the background. Didn’t end up showing up very well (stupid old camera) but oh well.

Here’s the happy couple watching the game. Thanks again for inviting us guys!

Anyway, the game was fine. Around the second inning we saw a little boy get nailed right in the head with a foul ball. And I mean hit hard. He was in the second row, just to the left of home plate and we could actually hear it hit his little head. Poor kid couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6. He went down and his dad was holding him. Last I saw the medics were looking at him. I couldn’t tell if it knocked him out but I wouldn’t have been surprised. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. I looked a couple times but didn’t see them again so I assume they left to get him looked at. As long as he’s ok he is going to be so proud of the awesome black eye he’s sure to have in a day or two.

As far as I know no other children or adults were injured during the game.

The Sox managed to hit a couple home runs which meant fireworks!

But they couldn’t pull it together for a win. ::shrug::

By far the most entertaining thing that happened the entire game? One of the guys in our box spotted a girl two boxes over (red arrow) and wrote her a note which he held up to the window until it finally got her attention.

The note said:

Cute right?

The girl thought so and they texted back and forth for most of the rest of the game. Obviously they’re not picking out china patterns just yet but what an adorable how-did-you-meet story if they do end up together. I’m all oohs and aws over here.

It was great company and fun watching the game with free food, free drinks and a roof so when there was a downpour in the middle of the game we stayed warm and dry and watched the common folk run for cover. ::evil laugh:: We also had the Blackhawks game on in the box so we were able to watch them lose too. So not an awesome sports day for Chicago.

What was great was all the extremely nice people I met. I mentioned before I am now completely spoiled and will only be able to attend baseball games if it is in a skybox*. So, who wants to give me a skybox at Wrigley? Be your best friend. ::wink::


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