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Games and songs

If you missed yesterday’s post you should definitely check it out for more pictures and stories about the village we visited. Today Joel finally put together a short video of the actual activities I did with the kids. Like I said, I didn’t really have a plan when we got there because I wasn’t aware we were going to be in charge of doing an actual program. I knew we were going to spend some time with them but no one informed us of exactly how until we were in front of them. Then it was basically:

A – “Hey, I’m going to leave now. You’re in charge

Us – “Uuuuummm….

I ended up just picking random songs and games to teach them. Next time I’ll definitely have several activities planned out for them to do instead of just winging it, if for no other reason than the stress of feeling put on the spot was less than fun.

However, once I got in a groove I had all kinds of fun…

I think the kids did too.

Inspired by Iceland

I’m always day dreaming of trips I’d like to take. As long as my list is, it would probably take me three lifetimes to complete. It probably doesn’t help that I’m constantly adding new places to it.

This video is probably one of the best tourism commercials I’ve ever seen. Iceland was never very high on my list of places to go but after watching this video it’s moved way up my wish list.

Also, the song is so fun and catchy. One of my new favorites.

What’s on your travel wish list?

Top 10 most “catchy” songs

Or: The one that makes you want to stab yourself in the ear with a pencil

I love fun, upbeat music. However, some songs are so catchy they ought to be in the same classification as herpes. You never get rid of them. Ever.

Here’s my top 10 list of songs that should be classified as STDs:

10. Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65

Confession: When I was a teenager this was my very favorite song. It still kind of is. Funny story about it though, my dad is extremely conservative. He didn’t want me to listen to it because he said the lyrics were about being depressed. I argued that no, it was in fact about actual blue people. He didn’t believe me until I went online and found the music video. After I played it for him I was allowed to listen to the song. Win.

9. Around the World – ATC

Actually I kind of like this song too but it definitely hangs around your head for awhile.

8. Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue

This song does warn you in the title so I guess it’s your own fault if you can’t, in fact, get it out of your head.

7. Barbie Girl – Aqua

The cutest annoying song ever. Actually all Aqua songs could probably go on this list. That would be really boring though.

6. Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

I hate that I love this song. Miley Cyrus drives me crazy and yet when this song comes on the radio I can’t help but turn it up and dance. Then it’s stuck in my head all day. Bah.

5. Dragostea Din Tei – O-Zone

I have a story about this song too. I went to Romania in 2004 with my Au Pair family. While I was there I discovered this fun, catchy tune. I bought the single (with like 6 mixes) and planned to show it off as cool European music when I got back to the States. Unfortunately, once I got back I found out that the song was old news because some dumb kid’s video mocking the song went viral. ::sigh::

4. I like to Move It – Madagascar

Kids cartoons are great for catchy yet annoying songs that you love to hate, aren’t they?

3. The Picard Song

Obviously Joel was the first person to play this for me. Obviously. It’s one that I find myself humming in the shower every once in awhile. I wish I were kidding.

2. Hamster Dance

Oh my this song. Actually when I hear it all I think of is Disney’s Robin Hood.

1. We Like to Party (Venga Bus) – Vengaboys

The official song of Six Flags Great America. How do I know? Because we bought season passes and now this song will be in my head for the rest of my life.

There you have it. That is, if you’ve lasted this long without stabbing out your eardrums. Have any other incredibly catchy songs that should have made the list?

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