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Small Moments Mondays

I am so honored to have been asked to be a part of Nichole’s (ITSMoments) Small Moments Mondays guest post series on her blog: In These Small Moments.

Nichole is one of my favorite bloggers and tweeters. She has a lust for life that is contagious and inspires me to stop, smell the roses and focus on every wonderful moment of life. We’ve also had many late night conversations on Twitter that led to snort filled giggle fits.

Please go check out my post about my Sweet Caroline, the little girl I used to be a nanny for. Then make sure you stick around her blog and read some more of her post. I promise you will love it and then want to go hug the ones who mean the most to you.

True rock and roll

Tonight I finally got to see one of my all time favorite bands in concert. One that I’ve been dying to see since I was, oh, 12 or so when I first fell in love with their music.


True rock and roll legends.

And trust me, when they take the stage you can see why they are legends.

First of all they look like they’ve been partying, hard, for the last 40-80 years. I’m not saying they’re old. I’m just saying that the rock and roll lifestyle is not an affective anti-aging method. You know it’s bad when I could tell from this far away.

Yep, we were cheapos responsible and bought lawn tickets. Made it so getting pictures of the actual band was impossible. The show however was every bit as enjoyable as any other where I’d been right next to the stage.

They’re just that amazing.

In fact, sitting out on the lawn was better in a lot of ways than having a seat. Joel and I got to stretch out and cuddle while we waited for them to play.

No comfier way to see a show, that’s for sure.

Then, when Aerosmith took the stage?

I died.

No really.

Oh. my. god. I love them.

I was impressed and kind of surprised by the range of ages at the show. There were plenty middle age folks like I expected but there were a ton of people our age and even a surprising number of kids. It’s so neat to me how Aerosmith spans generations without having changed their sound much at all.

Again, they’re just that good.

Highlights of the show were:

*Steven Tyler making a smoking pot gesture when he gave us lawn folks a shout out. Yeah, definitely a lot of pot smoking going on in my general vicinity. Unfortunately no one offered to share.

*Joe Perry “battling” his Guitar Hero self. He was sick of kids coming up to him and telling them they beat him in the game. He of course kicked his own ass. Then again, he was judging.

*Steven Tyler humping one of the cameras. Classy.

*Steven Tyler getting bras thrown at him. Some things never change. Also? Classy.

*Joey Kramer’s drum solo. He has some serious talent. He also loves attention…. as any good rock star should.

*Them playing too many of my favorite songs to name. Singing along with Steven Tyler live was just… ::sigh:: … incredible.

They’ve been one of my favorite bands since I was 12. I can’t think of any band I’ve liked as much for as long. We had tickets for their last tour (a year ago?) but Steven Tyler fell off the stage and broke his hip or something and they canceled the rest. Leaving me devastated of course. I was scared to get excited for this show until we were actually almost to the venue.

Thankfully it lived up to and exceeded my expectations. They were the last on a long list of bands I *had* to see in concert.

I think I saved the best for last.

Current song obsession and other things

Sometimes there are songs that just stick with me. I’m one to put a song on repeat for hours if it really speaks to me. This song is my current obsession. It’s been on to the point that Joel has groaned “not again” more than once.

Also, you may have noticed my fancy buttons on the right sidebar. The main reason I blog is so I can look back and remember the fabulous details of my life. A close second reason is to meet new people, find new blogs to read and develop friendships.

Reason number two is why I’ve joined Picket Fence Blogs and created a button for my blog. I’d like to get out there and make more connections in the blog world. You can help me by clicking on any of the picket fence buttons if you’d like. You can vote once daily.

I’m actually overwhelmed by the number of voted I’ve received already. If you’ve voted for me, thank you. If not, you’re cool too. Obviously I’m not doing this for the votes and I won’t pester anyone or even bring it up very often. I just think it could be a fun little side thing.

In other news, I did some more training at work today. It looks like the store is actually going to have it’s soft open on Wednesday. I’m both excited and really nervous about this. In a lot of ways I feel like I have no idea what is going on. Normally starting a new job most of the other people there have experience so you can kind of rely on them until you get the hang of things. In a brand new place like this there won’t be any room for “sorry I’m new” because the whole freaking store is new. ::gulp::

It should be a challenge but I’m always up for a good challenge so I’m not too worried. Even during training we have people almost constantly walking in wanting to check the place out and see if we’re open yet. I don’t see bringing business in being an issue. If it’s everything it seems like it’s going to be then it’s going to be an amazing place to both visit and work.

That’s pretty much everything for now. It’s funny, I sat down expecting to just post the song really quick and be done. Next thing I know I’ve rambled on for almost 500 words. I’m really starting to love blogging everyday. It’s becoming less of a chore and more of a pleasure. I’m not going to lie, the fact that I’ve actually been getting some comments and responses more often helps. I feel like I’m actually talking to people and not a blank wall. It makes it so much more fun.

So, much love to all my readers. I still get all giddy and happy about each and every comment. Inside, I’m still just an excited 12 year old girl. Bubble hearts and kisses to you all.

Top 10 most “catchy” songs

Or: The one that makes you want to stab yourself in the ear with a pencil

I love fun, upbeat music. However, some songs are so catchy they ought to be in the same classification as herpes. You never get rid of them. Ever.

Here’s my top 10 list of songs that should be classified as STDs:

10. Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65

Confession: When I was a teenager this was my very favorite song. It still kind of is. Funny story about it though, my dad is extremely conservative. He didn’t want me to listen to it because he said the lyrics were about being depressed. I argued that no, it was in fact about actual blue people. He didn’t believe me until I went online and found the music video. After I played it for him I was allowed to listen to the song. Win.

9. Around the World – ATC

Actually I kind of like this song too but it definitely hangs around your head for awhile.

8. Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue

This song does warn you in the title so I guess it’s your own fault if you can’t, in fact, get it out of your head.

7. Barbie Girl – Aqua

The cutest annoying song ever. Actually all Aqua songs could probably go on this list. That would be really boring though.

6. Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

I hate that I love this song. Miley Cyrus drives me crazy and yet when this song comes on the radio I can’t help but turn it up and dance. Then it’s stuck in my head all day. Bah.

5. Dragostea Din Tei – O-Zone

I have a story about this song too. I went to Romania in 2004 with my Au Pair family. While I was there I discovered this fun, catchy tune. I bought the single (with like 6 mixes) and planned to show it off as cool European music when I got back to the States. Unfortunately, once I got back I found out that the song was old news because some dumb kid’s video mocking the song went viral. ::sigh::

4. I like to Move It – Madagascar

Kids cartoons are great for catchy yet annoying songs that you love to hate, aren’t they?

3. The Picard Song

Obviously Joel was the first person to play this for me. Obviously. It’s one that I find myself humming in the shower every once in awhile. I wish I were kidding.

2. Hamster Dance

Oh my this song. Actually when I hear it all I think of is Disney’s Robin Hood.

1. We Like to Party (Venga Bus) – Vengaboys

The official song of Six Flags Great America. How do I know? Because we bought season passes and now this song will be in my head for the rest of my life.

There you have it. That is, if you’ve lasted this long without stabbing out your eardrums. Have any other incredibly catchy songs that should have made the list?

Current favorite song

I found this song while reading through EmmieBee’s* blog. So beautiful. I’ve listened to it sooo many times over the last couple of weeks. See how the view count on YouTube is almost 3.5 million? Yeah it was at like 2.5 million when I found it… Ok not really but I love it. Hope you enjoy.

*she has a pretty neat blog, you should check her out. 🙂

Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

This is one of my favorite songs. It’s so calming and it puts me in my happy. I could listen to it over and over. Enjoy.

My New Favorite Song

I have an obsession with dance music. I’m not sure exactly when it began. Probably during my first trip to Amsterdam when I was 14. It also helped that I moved to Europe when I was 18 and that’s basically all they play in the clubs there. I didn’t know any different. When I finally turned 21 I was sorely disappointed by the music they play at most of the clubs in the states. Just not the same.

Anyway, a local radio station plays Dance Factory Radio late at night and Joel and I enjoy listening to it on our drives home from visiting my family. Tonight while listening I discovered my new song obsession. It puts a giant smile on my face. Seriously, listening to it makes me so happy. So, I needed to share with all of you what will, no doubt, be on repeat on my iTunes for several days.

Ravers in the UK by DJ Manian:

Please ignore the random girls in soapy bikinis. Just turn your speakers up and enjoy the awesome sound.

p.s. I’m pretty sure I even understand the lyrics to this song… Pretty sure.

Embarrassing Facts About Me: Volume One

Singing is in my blood. My dad is an amazing tenor and passed down that talent in some form or another to all his kids. When we were little we would go around like the Von Trapp family singers and perform in nursing homes or churches. I loved it. I am not the best singer in the world but I can carry a tune fairly well. One thing I have problems with though is understanding lyrics. I don’t really know what is wrong with me. Maybe I’m slightly deaf… or just a little special. There have been songs where I was sure I knew the lyrics only to find out they were actually completely different than what I thought. A recent example: You know the song Now I’m That Bitch? If not here it is from Lala.

Yeah, until I downloaded it the other day I thought the words were, Now I’m Bad-ish. (I actually kind of like my lyrics better but whatever.) While I can’t remember any more examples off the top of my head I know there are dozens of other songs like that. I just can’t understand lyrics for some reason. Here is a visual of what I sound like when I try to sing a song.

Minus all the awkward dedications of course.

I felt bad the first time I watched this video because I could not stop laughing. I am never one to advocate bullying or teasing but her social awkwardness was not what I was laughing at. It’s because that is how I sound when I try to sing along to pop songs! I may be a bit more on key but it’s mostly mumbling until I come to the main catch phrase of the song. And even that I can’t get right all the time!

It’s ok, you can laugh at me. I’m laughing right along with you.

I Heart Mario Kart

So this video is kind of old but I just found it and I looove it! Enjoy.

P.s. If anyone has Mario Kart for Wii I’d love to play you online. Message me your friend ID and I’ll kick your butt at a race or two. *wink*

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