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Joel had to work late tonight. This isn’t anything new. Thursdays he usually has to work late. That just means I get him for a long lunch and more other times so it’s not that big of a deal.

Since I expected him to be gone I made plans to go out with a friend. Her and I have a lot of fun together usually so I was looking forward to it.

Notice the was?

Currently I’m sitting on my couch, in my pajamas and watching Gossip Girl while eating chips and salsa.

Don’t be too jealous.

But yeah, my friend got a date. I’m actually happy for her.

But it sucks to be blown off.

I just feel so lame lately. I miss my old life as a flight attendant. Now my life consists of so much of the same thing over and over. I have a routine.

A routine!

I wake up, shower, eat breakfast, go to work, come home, relax a bit, hurry up and go to bed only to start all over again the next day.

I try to be in bed by 7pm most days.

Seven PM!

I wake up now usually before I used to go to bed six months ago. Not that I miss my extreme night owl habits. But why do I have to go from one extreme to another? I hate the boring routine already. I want variety in my life. I want to travel.

Yes, I know I just got back from India. For most people that would satisfy their travel lust. Not me. I’m like a crack addict. A trip like that makes me crave even more. Even just a quick trip to somewhere domestically would be so wonderful. I can’t though because of work.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of fun at my job. I work with fantastic people and I just got officially promoted which will give my job a little variety. I believe in the concept that we’re working toward with the store and I want to see a place like that thrive. Being a part of it is exciting.

I still miss hotels though. I miss airports and new cities. I miss walking through the terminal in my uniform like I own the place. I miss nodding at other crew members in a we’re-all-in-the-same-club kind of way. Now they just look at me like I’m an insane person when I do that which brings me reeling back to the reality that I’m just one of the crowd right now.

I don’t look at weather reports anymore. I enjoy rain instead of it stressing me out because I know that will put me closer to The Call. Unless you’ve worked in the airline industry you can’t truly understand what kind of stress that can be, especially if you have plans that you’re looking forward to.

Now, I don’t even bother looking at the weather report. My weather man is Joel when he takes Phoebe out in the morning.

“Honey, what’s it like outside?”

And that’s how I pick my outfit for the day. Every. single. day.

But this post isn’t about how I want to start checking the weather more.

This post is about how bored I feel. And how trapped. And lonely. Ah yes, always lonely. But you don’t want to hear me whine about my problems making friends again. More lameness.

I want adventure. I’m starting to regret taking the longer furlough. I know I needed the break so I could recharge and actually miss my job. My incredible, fabulous, glamorous (ha!) job.

So yeah, I miss it. I’m ready to go back. I’m over this break. Unfortunately I still have to wait another year and a half before this break is done with me.


Our Indian family

From my experience, Indians are some of the most welcoming people I have ever met. Our host family immediately embraced us and by the end I felt like I had become an extended relative. They were wonderful.

Joel and I with our contact, A and his cousin M. M is a politician but I’ll write more on that later.

The house we stayed in was M’s with his wife, mother and three kids.

The kids adored us despite what it may seem like by the look on the littlest one’s face in this picture.

One other semi- member of the family?

Aws! Ok, so it was a stray that had decided to make their front yard it’s home. Joel about killed me for picking it up but it was so freaking adorable! As far as I can tell I did not catch rabies, fleas or lice from it so yay.

The kids, Joel and I had a ton of silly fun.

My phone was fascinating to them. I guess that’s pretty much a universal thing.

One of their favorite things was playing hand clap games. They taught me a couple in their language. Don’t ask me to repeat them back now, I don’t remember. They were fun though.

Their mom braiding their very long beautiful hair for school.

I loved being their “Auntie” and treasure all the happy moments I got to share with them. Our flight out was early in the morning so I figured I had to say my goodbyes the night before. We were scheduled to leave the house at 5am and I was surprised that everyone was waking up while we were. But every one of them got up, showered, got dressed and piled into a tiny five-seater car. For the record it was Joel, Me and the wife with a child each on our lap. Then M, A and one of the pastors we met with in the front. In case you weren’t counting that’s NINE people in a car the size of a Geo Metro. I was afraid that little car wasn’t going to make it. It definitely bottomed out more than once. We did though and they parked and went as far into the airport with us as they could.

We were very lucky to have met them. I’m so glad that I now have an Indian family waiting for me whenever we get to go back. I hope it’s soon.


A mutual friend hurt a friend of mine the other day. It was one of those out of the blue, WTF?! kind of moments. Not that I thought I was, but it reminded me how far I am from healed from my past friendship wounds. I cried and cried for her and the unfairness that had happened. It wasn’t my fight, my getting involved would have only made things worse so there was nothing I could do other than listen and cry.

People are so stupid and mean and hurtful. It’s even worse when it’s unexpected. Then I feel stupid for not expecting it. For not seeing the oncoming hurt and avoiding it. For allowing myself to be totally blindsided by the situation. It wasn’t even directed at me. But I hurt for my friend.

I’m fiercely loyal. I become vicious towards people who hurt those that I love. Most personal hurt I can move past fairly easily. Hurt someone I love and I will cut you.* Not being able to do anything makes me crazy. Because nothing I could do would make any difference.

So I just sit here, reeling in anger and feeling cut to the core. I want to shake them and scream at them for their idiotic behavior. I want to demand an explanation and if it’s not good enough (which it almost certainly wouldn’t be) demand an apology. At the very least I want to force them to look at what they’ve done, to make them feel the pain that they’ve caused. They should not just be allowed to walk away.

Then suddenly I realize in my venomous haze that the anger isn’t totally directed towards that person anymore. I’m angry at the one who hurt me. Again. It’s no longer about protecting a friend, it’s about protecting myself. Even though my situation is long over. And this realization makes me even more angry. I shouldn’t hurt this much. My friend shouldn’t hurt this much. Neither of us did anything deserving of this.

But it is what it is. Those people get to walk away and move on with their lives while we stand with wounds that refuse to heal no matter what. And part of the reason they refuse to heal? Because of stupid people that keep ripping them open at the least expected moments.

*Obviously not actually. But I’ll want to.

Faraway Friends

We picked up our passports with shiny new Indian visas in them today. Well, they’re not actually shiny but in my head? Covered in bright, Times Square like lights. So pretty.

Also, remember how I was concerned about the number of pages left in my passport? The Indian consulate was nice enough to use those “extra” pages in the back that aren’t squared off for stamps instead of taking up two whole pages. Two pages that I didn’t really have mind you. I counted, I have 15 spaces left. Not pages, spaces. Should be plenty for this trip since they used the pages I thought were useless. Such nice people.

While in the car I got a phone call from a friend of mine who lives in Arizona. They are not only in town but were wondering if we had plans as they unexpectedly had two extra tickets to a White Sox game and would love it if we could join them. Um, yeah! Not only were we free but we were like ten minutes away. Perfection.

Jenny is one of my oldest and dearest friends and it was amazing to get to see her unexpectedly.

Seriously love this girl.

We didn’t stay for the whole game since tomorrow is going to be an early morning. We didn’t even actually stay for half the game. In fact, as we were walking to our car a parking attendant was all “You’re going the wrong way, game’s that way.” Thanks dude, the giant stadium with bright lights and screaming fans was not enough of a hint.

But can you actually blame him? Who leaves a game before the 4th inning?

Us, apparently.

Our friends are awesome

Because they can give us a gift like this without it feeling like there’s any pressure at all. Which is good, because this. is. awesome.

Don’t get any ideas, there’s isn’t a future Twitter addict baking yet. But whenever we decide to have one we have one of their first little outfits.


I’ve been really down today. I’m hoping it’s a one day thing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel better. I’m counting on it anyway. I don’t like being reminded about people that hurt me and today is just one big fat reminder. So I’ve been quiet most of the day. Poor Joel makes jokes that would normally make me laugh and I barely crack a smile. That’s if I’m not too lost in my thoughts to hear him at all. I think writing about it will help and then I think that will only get me into trouble. So I’m in limbo with the words that I want to write swirling in my head and no outlet. Crap.

Why does family have to be so stupid sometimes? Why do friends have to suck? Why are people so hurtful? Why don’t more people treat others the way they’d like to be treated? If humans all lived by that rule the world would be a pretty nice place. It wouldn’t be perfect because obviously some people like to be treated differently than others and that would create some misunderstandings. But in general people would be kind to each other. They would be understanding when mistakes were made because they would realize that they’ve made mistakes themselves. They would accept people for how they are, right now, no qualifications. Wouldn’t that just be lovely?

I daydream about that sometimes. Like what if people weren’t cruel and ignorant? What if differing opinions weren’t something to be feared but were just cause for stimulating conversations? Why be so afraid of differences? Why is that threatening?

This post is like my brain throwing up. I do think about these things. Sometimes I even cry about them. Because hate is so hurtful, especially when you’re not really sure what you did to deserve it. To some people I am an awful human being. Consider yourself warned.

This post is so woe is me I almost don’t want to publish it. Life is mostly good but everything isn’t all butterflies and rainbows and I think that’s ok. Right? I can be sad on here every once in awhile, yeah? I promise it won’t happen very often. Sometimes I just need a hug. I’m so lucky I have Joel and Phoebe around for the cuddles. A little virtual love would be nice too, remind me I’m not completely evil.

A little evil obviously, but not completely. ::wink::

Totally Spoiled

A friend of Joel’s is getting married and as a wedding gift was given use of a skybox for the White Sox game tonight. We were part of the lucky bunch invited along. I’m not really a Sox fan (go Cubs!) but when you’re VIP who cares! I’m now completely spoiled because a skybox? Is the only way to watch a baseball game. For reals.

We like each other, we really do. We were standing far apart to get the US Cellular Field board in the background. Didn’t end up showing up very well (stupid old camera) but oh well.

Here’s the happy couple watching the game. Thanks again for inviting us guys!

Anyway, the game was fine. Around the second inning we saw a little boy get nailed right in the head with a foul ball. And I mean hit hard. He was in the second row, just to the left of home plate and we could actually hear it hit his little head. Poor kid couldn’t have been more than 5 or 6. He went down and his dad was holding him. Last I saw the medics were looking at him. I couldn’t tell if it knocked him out but I wouldn’t have been surprised. It makes me cringe just thinking about it. I looked a couple times but didn’t see them again so I assume they left to get him looked at. As long as he’s ok he is going to be so proud of the awesome black eye he’s sure to have in a day or two.

As far as I know no other children or adults were injured during the game.

The Sox managed to hit a couple home runs which meant fireworks!

But they couldn’t pull it together for a win. ::shrug::

By far the most entertaining thing that happened the entire game? One of the guys in our box spotted a girl two boxes over (red arrow) and wrote her a note which he held up to the window until it finally got her attention.

The note said:

Cute right?

The girl thought so and they texted back and forth for most of the rest of the game. Obviously they’re not picking out china patterns just yet but what an adorable how-did-you-meet story if they do end up together. I’m all oohs and aws over here.

It was great company and fun watching the game with free food, free drinks and a roof so when there was a downpour in the middle of the game we stayed warm and dry and watched the common folk run for cover. ::evil laugh:: We also had the Blackhawks game on in the box so we were able to watch them lose too. So not an awesome sports day for Chicago.

What was great was all the extremely nice people I met. I mentioned before I am now completely spoiled and will only be able to attend baseball games if it is in a skybox*. So, who wants to give me a skybox at Wrigley? Be your best friend. ::wink::


Bringing the 80’s back

One of my best friends Zahara has finally returned from her six month trip to Israel. She was gone way too long. As you can imagine, moving back and forth overseas doesn’t allow you to keep many clothes. In order to restock her wardrobe (and lets be honest, mine is sadly lacking too) we hit one of our favorite thrift stores.

It doesn’t look like much, and finding the good stuff is a lot of work but it’s more about the company than anything else.

It took us a couple of hours but I found a bunch of great stuff. I ended up with eight shirts, two pairs of pants, a bag and a dress (see below) for less than $35. Mind = blown

Plus there’s the fun, silly part in finding gems like this:

Next trip is to Hawaii and she’s wearing this*

By far the best thing we found was my awesomely awful 80’s prom dress

Notice the inside is lined with the same red satin that’s on the top. Awesomeness.

The funniest part is, it fits me perfectly. Now I just need somewhere to wear this sexy thing. Who is hosting an 80’s theme party? Or maybe I will. Who wants to come?

Thrift shopping brought back so many memories from when we were in high school. I’m so glad she’s back in the country. Life is way more fun when I have my friends around.

*Not really


I joined an adult indoor soccer league today. Don’t laugh! I played indoor soccer when I was a kid. I was even on a really good team once. We made it all the way to the championship game with zero losses. The final game two of our best players decided not to show up and we ended up in second place for the year. I’m not still bitter. Really.

That was when I was 12 and I haven’t played since. In high school I was much more into music and the dramatic arts. I danced but that was about as sporty as I got. Soccer is still one of my favorite sports though and when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join a co-ed soccer league she was getting together I decided, what the heck. I did warn her that my soccer skills are probably not star quality.

I’m guessing there will be a lot less

and a lot more

Me of course being represented by the man lying on the ground hoping not to lose any teeth.

I’m mostly concerned about the amount of running that I’ll have to do. Stupid wisdom teeth making me stop C25K two weeks in. ::grumble grumble:: I’m planning on starting the C25K program over again tomorrow though since I’m finally all healed up. I don’t know if it will do anything in preparing me for playing soccer again but it’s better than nothing, right?

Either way I expect it to be a good time. Even if I end up being a bench warmer I’m cool with that. I wasn’t the star player even in my “prime”. Not that I primed at 12 years old… you know what I mean. Anyway, my hope is to meet some cool people and to get in better shape while having fun. If I don’t break my nose or collapse from all the running that will be a major bonus.

Twitter is great for inspiration

I have mentioned how much I love Twitter. I have met some incredibly wonderful, interesting people on there. One great aspect of Twitter is being able to get dozens of opinions in a very short period of time. I have used it several times for fashion advice which is great because I seem to have trouble dressing myself. One quick tweet and within minutes I have a dozen different opinions on what I should or shouldn’t wear. I love it. Tonight I was lacking inspiration on what to post about so I asked Twitter. I got a bunch of great ideas. Obviously I won’t be using all of them tonight but I have several filed for later use. Tonight’s chosen subject was food and the idea was from the lovely Jess who blogs at The Bottle Chronicles.

We’re looking into moving back into the city. I am totally a city girl and this whole living in the suburbs thing is killing me. It’s not that I hate where we live. I just can’t stand not having things around and open all the time. The other day we had friends over. We were coming home from a concert so it was about 11:30pm on a Friday. We were hungry and since we were about 20 minutes from home I decided to order a pizza so it would be ready right when we got home. I called Papa John’s.

Sorry, we closed at 11.

On a Friday?!

I called around to the other pizza places in the area but wouldn’t you know ever single one was already closed. Turns out the only real options after 10pm around where I live for real food are TGI Fridays or Buffalo Wild Wings. Don’t get me wrong, I like both of those places but how about a little variety. I could understand if it was a week night but on the weekend? I feel like I should be able to order a freaking pizza in the middle of the night.

Maybe it isn’t the best idea to make a major move based on when I can order pizza. I did love living up there before for many more reason than the food selection, although that was a major bonus. Almost any ethnicity of food you can think of was within several blocks of us. My mouth is starting to water just thinking about it. Yum…

::comes back from food daydream::

Sorry. Anyway, there are tons of other great reasons to move into the city. Not the least of which is there being so much more to do at almost any time of the day. I’m really hoping we can find an affordable, decent place that accepts little dogs. We will have to decide if it’s worth the commute for Joel though because that was pretty annoying when he had to do that before. ::sigh:: Decisions, decisions.

I’m sure I’ll write more about it as we begin looking at places. Apartment hunting can be fun and exciting but it’s a pain moving our stuff every year or so. I can’t wait to just find one place that we love and settle there for awhile. Never thought I’d say that.

Maybe I’m ready to stop being such a nomad…. Maybe. But only if there’s really good pizza nearby.

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