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Weekly Wesley: Nineteen


The big thing that happened this week was I learned how to do a back wrap with a woven wrap.


I borrowed a wrap from a babywearing group near me and I’m loving it. There’s definitely a learning curve and I haven’t gotten the seat right every time. The times I do get it right though are so nice. I can get so much done while Wesley naps on me.


For example, packing for our move at the end of the month.

We found an apartment, yay! There were moments when I seriously thought we wouldn’t. It’s kind of far from where we live now so we’re going to have to familiarize ourselves with a whole new area. I’ve really enjoyed where we lived the last 5 years so I’m a little bummed that we couldn’t find something closer. No more living 5 minutes from Ikea. Wah! I mean, it’ll only be 20-30 minutes but still, I’ve been spoiled.

In other news, my dad is doing much better.


He’s in a nursing home right now doing rehab and I can’t believe the difference it has made so far. He’s so much more alert and is able to actually hold short conversations now. Seeing him so much better has given me the slightest sliver of hope. There’s still a lot of work to do so I hope he can keep his spirits up and keep working hard.

Wesley has been working hard on a developmental leap if his mood is any indication. He still is happy in between the fussing but arg, so. much. fussing.

Of course, when Joel gets home he’s all smiles.


I’m fairly certain Joel thinks I’m lying when I send him the Omg when are you coming home?! text on the daily lately. Maybe it’s not a developmental leap, maybe he is just sick of me…

I kid.


Other milestones:

  • One really weird thing he has decided to do is hang upside down. My tiny little bat boy.


  • He’s also working on being more mobile. He’s soooo close to rolling from back to belly. Honestly I think he would have done it already if I didn’t wear him so much. Oops. He has started scooting and managed to scoot himself completely off his play mat.


  • We gave Wesley his Oball and he loves it. It’s one of the few toys he doesn’t immediately drop.


And to finish off, a few random of my favorite pictures from the week.

I can’t even with how much Jordan loves his tiny little cousin.


Naaaaaants Ingonyama….


This is his waking up from a nap face. I love how his little nose is always so red. Usually he smiles shortly after this face.


Until next time!


Weekly Wesley: Seventeen


Well this week was stressful. But good. And more stressful. And a little more good.

Like I mentioned last week we ended a weekend visit with my dad by having to call an ambulance for him. Frankly it sucked and was stressful and scary. He was never unstable so at no point was I afraid he was going to die immediately but it was still pretty awful. We spent hours in the ER which was actually pretty entertaining. We were in a room that was just divided by a curtain from the other room so we got to hear all the goings on of the people next door. There was a hilarious 80+ year old man with a broken hip who had a strong opinion about everything. Then there was a teenager who was airlifted in with a massive head injury from skateboarding. They finally found what they believed the problem was with my dad and admitted him.

Since we’re so far from the rest of my family out here, Wesley and I were the only ones who were able to be with my dad during the day.


Normally when my dad goes in the hospital we only get out to see him once because the round trip of 3-4 hours is a lot to do in a short amount of time. This time Wesley and I got out to see him everyday of the four days he was in there.


It was so neat for him to be able to bond with his grandpa a little.

As glad as I am that I was able to be there for my dad it was pretty draining for all of us.


More so for us than Wesley, apparently.

The very next day after he was released was the beginning of BlogHer 2013,


and that was the rest of our week. It will get it’s own post because this one is about Wesley but it was fun and completely exhausting.

Other milestones:

  • Mister Dude finally wore his first pair of shoes. Baby shoes kill me. Dead.


  • Mirror baby is more fascinating than ever. It is Joel’s go-to when Wesley is upset and I’m not available. Works 9 out of 10 times.


  • Wesley finally sat happily in the stroller. It was only for about ten minutes but it felt like a big deal.


And finally, as promised I have video of Wesley laughing. This isn’t the first time he laughed but it’s pretty freaking adorable, if I say so myself.

Nothing better.

Weekly Wesley: Sixteen


This past week started with the best sound I’ve ever heard in my life. Wesley’s first laugh.


There is video but it’s long and not edited so it will have to wait. Trust me though, it’s the Best. Sound. Ever.

The next day we picked up a weekly visit to my grandparents’ house that we hadn’t been doing since Wesley arrived.


It was so good to see them and have dinner and watch a movie. I love that they live so close so we try to take advantage of that as much as we can.

Then this weekend we had my dad over.


It was nice to let Wesley bond with him a bit. Unfortunately it ended in a trip to the hospital for my dad so that was sad. He’s stable and he’ll be okay I think. I just wish he was healthy and back to¬† his old self.

Other milestones:

  • Wesley has decided that I can’t make him do tummy time. Nearly every time I put him down on his tummy he rolls over a minute later. Silly kiddo.


And just a couple of my favorite photos from the week.


This is what I wake up to every morning. Lately I open my eyes and he’s just staring up at me smiling. Melts my heart every single time.


I know I might be biased but I think I have the most beautiful little boy in the world.

Weekly Wesley: Four


Lights have become the most interesting thing in the world this week. Obviously.

This week Wesley has become so much more interactive and alert. He has also started cooing which absolutely slays me. He is a super happy, sweet baby. Unless there’s a problem (ie. he’s hungry, sleepy or needs his diaper changed) he is just a content baby who likes to stare at lights and out the window.


I finally got my first real smile this morning and it was one of my favorite moments ever. It came after a really crappy night of sleep. He woke up around 4am and didn’t sleep for more than 10-20 minutes at a time after that. Thankfully he wasn’t fussy, he was just awake. I still wasn’t thrilled to be up and the sleepiness had me a bit grumpy. That went away in an instant when he looked me right in the eyes and, with a coo, flashed me the most adorable crooked smile. I’ll never forget it. Bad mood? Gone.


He had another big outing this week. My dad turned 75 so we had a little party to celebrate. It was so nice seeing my dad so happy. Wesley was a dream. I put him in the wrap and he passed out and slept the entire party. The weather was beautiful so we got some of our first family shots outside by the lake.


I love our little family.

The next day is was still beautiful out so we took Wesley for his first walk.


I’m so freaking glad spring finally decided to show up.


Other milestones:

  • I finally got around to cutting little man’s nails. I was nervous but I waited until he was sound asleep and I didn’t cut anything but his nails.
  • He can now relatch himself when he’s nursing. He isn’t great at it and I have to help him more times than not. Still, it’s nice that he can sometimes do it himself.
  • He took a pacifier for the first time. I rarely give it to him but every once in awhile, when he’s definitely not hungry but seems to want to suck still, I’ll give it to him.
  • He actually enjoyed a bath for the first time. Up till then he hated them. This time though he was content and happy in it. I hope this continues.
  • He met his Oma (my mom’s mom) and his Aunt Bekah.

One last adorable thing happened this week. At the party my nephew Jordan kept asking to hold Wesley. I let him a couple times and he was so sweet and gentle with him. I snapped a couple of pictures and then later my sister sent me this text.


There really is nothing like the bond of cousins. I look forward to seeing him grow up with them. He has a whole group of best friends who can’t wait to wrestle, play and run around with him.

Happy Father’s Day

I love my dad so much. He isn’t perfect but that’s ok because I’m not either. He has the biggest, kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. There is no one as giving and charismatic as he is. I love him so much and am so lucky to have him in my life. I love you, Dad.

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