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And so the fun begins

We’re down in Indianapolis this weekend visiting our good friends Cecil and Rachel. We still haven’t convinced them to move to the far superior city of Chicago yet so we only get to see them every once in awhile. It’s always a blast when we do.

From where we live it usually takes around 3 hours or so to get to their house so we left not long after Joel got off work, 4:45pm Eastern. Of course traffic sucked. Really badly. We had the brilliant idea to take an alternate route… aaand everyone else had the same idea it seemed because it was just as bad going that way too. We didn’t end up getting to their house until a little after 10pm.

That’s right. It took over 5 hours for a 3 hour drive. Kill. Me. Now. Luckily most of the time Twitter worked and when it didn’t I had Joel to talk to.* There were also some pretty windmills to look at on the way down.

Reminds me of The Netherlands. Oh how I miss it.

I may or may not have stuck my arm directly in front of Joel’s face to get this picture. Yes, he was driving. The windmills were a nice break from the constant corn. Because Indiana? Pretty much nothing but corn in 90% of the state. Not that that’s a bad thing. If you really like corn.

I remember as a kid I actually loved driving past cornfields that were plowed perpendicular to the road. When I stared at the rows whizzing by there was almost a wave like motion to it. It fascinated me. Honestly, it still does.

Anyway, I expect we’ll have a fun weekend as usual. Tomorrow we’re just hanging out and Sunday we have plans for a Spanish brunch and fireworks. Epic Fourth of July weekend? I think so.

*That sounds so backward. I really need to try and curb my Twitter addiction. Sorry, Love.

My addiction

bowlofpopcornI have a problem. I am addicted to popcorn. I love the stuff a ridiculous amount. If I’m home, I eat it every day. I’ll eat almost any kind of popcorn (except kettle corn, because ew) but the majority of what I eat I make at home with my own little air popper. I pour a half cup of kernels, melt a tablespoon or two of butter to drizzle on, sprinkle on some salt and I am a happy, happy girl. Until recently I was proud of my snack choice. I don’t eat the microwave wave kind that is drenched in oil and fake junk. What I make at home is basically a bowl of vegetables. I mean, it’s corn that is popped. Healthy! I do use butter but a tablespoon only has a hundred calories so it’s not that bad. The thing is, I noticed that after several days of eating an entire batch of popcorn by myself, my clothes started fitting a little tighter. Hm… I looked on the back of the jar of kernels and it said there are 31 calories in a cup of popcorn. I only use half a cup so that can’t possibly be the problem, right? It did seem awfully low though so I did a little research with the help of my friend Google. Oh! That’s 31 calories for a cup of popped popcorn. That’s different. Well how many cups can there really be in a batch? I decided to measure just to make myself feel better.

One, (Wow, not much fits in a cup!)



four,(Maybe it meant for me to pack this popcorn in the cup because there’s not much of a dent in this bowl yet.)




Twenty cups of popcorn in a batch. Oh boy. That’s not hard math, 31 x 20 = 620 calories in my “healthy” snack. That’s not even counting the butter which adds a nice hundred calories or two. So, in total I have been eating 720-800 calories every day as a snack. Dear lord, it’s a wonder I fit into my clothes at all!

Now, those of you who know more about calories and nutrition are probably laughing at my naivety. I probably should have known better since something that big and delicious couldn’t possibly have been a low calorie snack. It was fun while it lasted. I’m still going to enjoy the occasional bowl of popcorn because it’s way too good to give up altogether. However, I have learned once again that everything is good in moderation. Even a “vegetable” like popcorn.

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