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Birthday Celebrations (part 1)

Because obviously I couldn’t celebrate my birthday all in one day. My birthday is way too important to be able to fit the celebrations into one day.

Or there are so many people in my life that it’s impossible to get them all together at once.

Either way.

Anyway, I had to work on my actual birthday. I got off early however and came home and took a three hour nap. I never take naps. Once I’m up I’m usually up for the day. Apparently turning 25 has changed me though because that was not the last nap I had this week.

Anyway, I came home, took a nap, relaxed around the house and then had a nice little dinner with Joel. Perfectly relaxing.

Tuesday I worked so no real excitement there.

Yesterday was when the real celebrations began. After another luxurious two hour nap, I met up with my sister and brother-in-law and they treated Joel and I to a yummy dinner and some bowling.

It was dollar bowling night so there was about a 45 minute wait for a lane. We killed the time playing pool.*


But we had fun. Mostly making fun of how bad we were.

In case you think I’m lying, Joel and I played against Naomi and Melvin. We won every game. Not because of any kind of skills on our part though. Every win was because of a scratch on the 8 ball or something similar. Lame. And hilarious. Thank goodness we weren’t playing for money.

We finally got a lane and then had a ton of fun bowling.


I have mentioned before that I have no bowling skillz. I actually got what I’m pretty sure is a life time high score of 88. That included two strikes in one game. ::dies::

Joel got a high score of 130. That would be incredibly impressive if I didn’t tell you he was playing with bumpers. I’m sure he would rather you be all impressed though so I won’t mention the bumpers.

Er… oops.

For the record? My 88 was completely unassisted by bumpers. I got that practically pro score all on my own. Boo yah.

Anyway, it was a truly wonderful evening. I’m so lucky to have a sister that is one of my very best friends. I can’t get enough time with her and her hubby.

Thank you guys for a really fantastic night. Love you!

*Excuse the crappy iPhone pictures, somebody forgot the Nikon ::cough:: Joel ::cough::

Bowling is like golf right?

Lowest score wins? Please say yes. Because if so I’m a bowling champion.

Yeeeah… I know you’re supposed to knock over balls pins. I even know the rules. Like if you get a strike the next frame is multiplied by how ever many pins you knock down… or something. And I *know* how to knock over a split. Darned if I actually can though.

I very consistently threw the ball into the same place. Right in the gutter. Me and the gutter? Like this ::crosses fingers::

I tried to have fun though. My competitive streak tried to rear it’s ugly head. I can get really pissy when I’m losing. I try so hard to be a gracious loser but it’s so freakin’ hard. I kept a smile on my face though. See?

My high score of the night was 63. No, I didn’t forget a 1 at the beginning of that number. Just 63. High five! ::crickets:: No? Whatever. If I break 50 that’s an accomplishment. I am so bad at bowling that whenever I try I always have random strangers come up and try to help me. They offer me tips and advice. It’s both embarrassing and hilarious.

Zahara on the other hand was pretty awesome. Comparatively.

Here she is after one of many strikes. Psh.

The reason we were at the bowling alley was because Zahara’s dad’s band was playing at the bar that was connected to it. They were actually really good.

There was an old man that was the most hilarious adorable person you’ve ever seen.

Look at what a great time he was having?

Later he came up to us and told us a bunch of jokes. Randomly. No one in our group has any idea who he is. I hope I’m that awesome when I’m in my 80’s.

So it was a good night. I had a lot of fun and while my bowling game did not improve I don’t care all that much. I can still kick butt on the Wii and for now, that’s good enough for me.

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