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Thanks teenage me

At 13 I started my rebellious phase and became obsessed with getting my belly button pierced. It was the coolest thing ever and I had to get it done.

Only I was 13. And I did not receive an allowance or have any kind of job. So even if I could have found a place that would do it, I had no way to pay for it. Instead of giving up on it I decided to do it myself. With a safety pin. In a church bathroom.


I thought it was amazing. Looking back all I can think is how lucky I am that I didn’t give myself an infection or blood poisoning or something. It was also way too shallow (which probably saved me from that infection) and I never would have gotten an actual belly button ring in it because duh, safety pin.

Of course I couldn’t keep it a secret, what’s the point of piercing something if you can’t show it off, am I right? So my mom found out. And, being an intelligent adult, she asked me to take it out. I didn’t want to so she made a deal with me, if I’d take out my (really poorly done) piercing she would take me to have it done on my 18th birthday and she’d even pay for it.

I guess she figured I’d outgrow the desire. Ha. She kept her word though. On my 18th birthday she and I went to a reputable piercing place and that was my birthday present that year.

Fast forward to last year when I first found out I was pregnant. I decided I didn’t want it to stretch out and at 26 I figured I had kind of grown out of it anyway. I left it out even after we lost that pregnancy and I basically assumed it had closed up by now.

In the last week or two my tummy has been growing at an even more rapid pace and in my last weekly update I mentioned that my scar was getting uncomfortable. I then noticed some red streaks around it and thought, here come the stretch marks. Only the red was just around my scar. And then I noticed it was changing. The other night it was really uncomfortable and so I messed with it a bit and noticed some white gunk inside the scar. After messing with it some more I’m not sure if it was lotion that got caught in there or actually a sign of infection. Either way, gross.

It’s now red and painful to the touch.


I had a closer picture to show but frankly, it grossed me out and it’s my belly button. You get the idea.

I’ve been much more careful to avoid getting lotion in it and I’ve been cleaning it twice daily with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. It still hurts but I haven’t noticed any more gunk in the actual scar, which leads me to believe (hope?) it was in fact just lotion caught in there.

The thing is, I figured that a nine year old scar wouldn’t get irritated. I mean, if it’s completely healed skin, how can it right? When I posted about it on Facebook several people said that the same thing had happened to their belly button scar when they got pregnant. I very much had a “Why did no one tell me this could be a thing?” moment.

I thought my biggest worry with my belly button piercing during pregnancy was it stretching out and looking ugly. Turns out it can be quite painful too. I’d like to say that if I’d known I wouldn’t have gotten it done… but who am I kidding? I was a stubborn teen then, nothing was going to stop me, not even some future theoretical pregnancy. Thanks a lot teenage me.

33 weeks


I’m getting to the feeling huge stage. And I have so much growing left to do. Oof.

One thing I’m fascinated by is my belly button. It’s still in but I can feel it stretching, mostly in my belly button ring scar. I’m wondering, for those of you who have already done this, when did your belly button pop out? Or did any of you have it never pop out? Because it seems like there’s quite a lot left to go.

The highlight of this week was this past Saturday we got real (aka not iPhone) maternity pictures taken. I was super nervous for some reason but I’m thrilled with how they turned out. I can’t wait to share them with you all. The photographer should be mailing them out soon. They definitely deserve their own post so be on the lookout for that, hopefully sometime next week.

The rest of the week didn’t live up to the good start unfortunately. Nothing bad happened, I’ve just felt like crap. My nausea and food aversions kicked it up a notch for some reason. I’ve basically been living off Chobani, grapefruits, nachos and Nutella sandwiches. Those are eaten separately by the way. No crazy food mixtures for this pregnant lady. I have been forcing myself to try to eat other things, because ya know, growing a human takes nutrients. Nothing really goes over well though. I am grateful that I’m not actually getting sick or anything. It is frustrating to be SO HUNGRY and have nearly all food sound disgusting. I am over it.

Despite my horrible nutrition this kid is growing. How do I know? Because he’s squeezing my lungs. This week I’ve had the pleasure of the holy crap I cannot get a breath feeling. That and my heart racing. That’s fun too. They seem to be related and stretching out, either by lying down or standing, seems to remedy it. It’s still incredibly unpleasant. Yay, pregnancy!

Another pregnancy milestone I hit was buying some Tums. I have never in my life had to take them. I have been incredibly lucky in that any heartburn I’ve experienced has been remedied with a glass of milk. The other night the only thing I could think of to eat were nachos with tons of jalapenos so I figured it would be wise to pick some up. I didn’t end up needing them but they’re on my nightstand just in case.

Sorry this post is basically a big fat whine. I try to be positive but every once in awhile pregnancy symptoms wear me down. Every time this little guy kicks and wiggles, especially when he does it because Joel came home, my heart melts and I know it’s worth it. Not going to lie, the uncomfortableness is making me all that much more anxious to meet this little guy. I suppose that’s the point.

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