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Mail garbage

As you can see, I’m STILL blogging from my iPhone. I know, lame right? You all are going to forget I ever went to The Netherlands, much less took pictures.

What’s holding things up is the mail. See, AT&T would only mail the router to the new address. That’s fine except we couldn’t get our mail keys until we turned in our inspection sheet. Why we put that off I’m not really sure but we finally got it done today. My thoughts were “yay, Internet!” Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone but he and I need a little time apart. I need to miss him, you know?*

Joel emptied our mailbox and brought the contents upstairs. Not only was it full to the point of bursting, there were letters literally wadded up into balls and shoved in the cracks. Isn’t there some kind if law against that? Seriously, who does that? Perhaps we were lucky that none of it was actually our mail yet.

Our mail should have started forwarding several days ago. So, while I’m happy that it wasn’t our mail that was treated like garbage, I have no idea where it actually is. Of course it’s the weekend so we have no way of calling anyone to find out either.

I’m really hoping everything gets sorted out Monday. I’m sick of functioning at dial up speeds on this tiny little screen. I’m also a little worried about where all our mail has been going for half a week. Obviously I’ll keep you updated. Cross your fingers for us.

*Yes, I’m talking about my iPhone like it’s a person. Also yes, my iPhone is a boy.

Wordless Wednesdays: Painting Fashion

Alternate title: Sorry boys, I’m taken

Still in the dark ages

Still without the internets over here so no Holland pictures. Today was spent with Phoebe at class, moving some last odds and ends and unpacking.

I can’t decide what’s worse, moving or unpacking. I’m leaning towards unpacking. At least with moving it’s fairly brainless tasks like lifting and walking. It’s exhausting but at least you don’t have to think very hard. With unpacking you have to figure out where to put every little thing. Will this fit? How does that look? Where’s the most logical place (you know, so it’ll be in the *best* place I can’t find when I’m looking for it later)?

We also didn’t have nearly as much time to pack as I would have liked since I got stuck in The Netherlands for almost a week. That means a lot of the stuff got thrown into random boxes to be sorted through later. Good times.

Also on the to-do list, painting the old apartment back to white at some point before Thursday. I really wish the other apartment complex’s management didn’t suck so much. If I’d have known we were going to move out after only one lease term I would have left the walls white. Oh well.

Tomorrow the guy is supposed to come out and turn on our Internet. Why someone has to physically come out I’ll never understand. I mean, obviously they own the Internet. You’d think they’d have figured out a way to do it digitally by now. What do I know though, right?

At least our tv is now set up. Putting on DVDs to play in the background makes unpacking so much more interesting. The time visiting with Joel is nice too. Without being able to bury my face in Twitter we talk a lot more. Who knew?

I hope things keep moving along quickly and we get settled in. We’re all tired and ready to be done moving.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program…

I know you all were expecting more Holland stories/ pictures. However, I spent more than 16 hours moving to a new apartment today and I am dead.

Plus, they aren’t installing Internet at our new place until Tuesday. Thank God for my iPhone, right? Otherwise I’m kind of living in the dark ages over here. Well, the dark ages with air conditioning.

I’m also buried beneath a pile of boxes. We seriously have a path from one room to the other but otherwise our apartment is filled with boxes and other crap. Every time we move I wonder where the heck we got all this junk. Seriously.

Anyway all this to say I won’t be posting about Holland today. I’m blogging from my iPhone which doesn’t have any of my pictures on it. It’s also not good for substantial stories. Besides, I’m basically brain dead after the million loads I carried up three flights of stairs.

I may go back to the old place and use the Internet there until we get ours hooked up at the new place. I’m not really sure though. Obviously I’ll still post tomorrow, just not sure what it’ll be about exactly. Right now I’m going to try to con Joel into giving me a foot massage while I pass out. Night!

Changed our minds… again

So, remember when we went apartment hunting in the city? It was kind of a disaster. After that the idea of moving into Chicago kind of overwhelmed me. What with the lack of storage space, the parking problems, the higher cost of living, the commute… it all started to seem really irresponsible.

I haven’t been working for just about a year now. My furlough started September 1st. I didn’t start job hunting right away because honestly, I was kind of burnt out. I wanted to wait until the holidays were over. Then, once I started looking for work it wasn’t nearly as easy to find something as I expected it would be. I even had an interview and didn’t get hired. That had never happened to me before.

Anyway, all that to say we haven’t had my income for way too long. We also still have credit card debt from paying for our wedding completely ourselves and then going kind of crazy on concert tickets several times. Without my income there’s very little left over to make any serious dents.

So… we decided that the grown up thing to do was to stay close to Joel’s work. We kept saying, hey we need to go out and look for a place and we kept putting it off. It felt like we had so much time. Then today we realized we have two weeks until our lease is up. Yipes! We looked at another apartment complex right down the road before so we just decided to do it.

We drove over there, asked about availability, saw the place and put in an application. Bam. That fast. It’s just down the street and even with a garage we’ll be saving about $100 a month in rent from what we’re paying now. We’re going to have a garage! Also, as a bonus we got a free Sam’s Club membership for signing. That will save us even more money. Score!*

Sometimes it sucks to be responsible but this is probably the best option for us right now. It’s less than 10 minutes from the job I start at the end of the month. It will be good and hopefully we’ll be able to get ourselves out of debt and start some savings for the future. It will be good. We’ll still get up to the city and hopefully the next time we move it’s to a place we really want to be and not just out of practicality.

*As long as we’re approved for the apartment of course.

I need to take yoga or something

because I have a whole lot of stress in my life that I don’t know how to deal with. Sometimes I wish I were an anonymous blogger because then I could just rant about things. Since I’m not I’ll just be all vague and annoying. I hate it when people write posts like this. ::waves:: Hi, my name is Abigail and I have problems that I’m only going to allude to.

A big part of our stress is stupid effing money. Moving, getting a job that actually pays me blah, blah, blah. I wish we just had enough to not have to think about it all the freaking time. I know things will work themselves but sometimes I wonder how. And then I start wondering over and over until I have a headache.

Anyway, everyone has stress right? So there has to be healthy ways to do it that don’t include crying, screaming or eating copious amounts of sugar. Anyone want to give me any hints? Or a million dollars, that would be even better.

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