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Surprise Baby Shower!

I’m still so completely blown away that this happened. Joel wrote about the planning process on his blog. I’m honestly still in disbelief that he kept a secret for that long. I have to practically force him to not give me birthday or Christmas presents the moment he buys them and usually all I have to do is question him and he gets the guiltiest look on his face. He is an open book.

Except I guess not anymore because wow did he keep a secret.

Actually, I think the fact that I assumed he couldn’t keep a secret worked in everyone’s favor here because I truly thought there was no way I could be having a surprise baby shower without Joel spilling the beans to me at some point. People asked me if I was really surprised and the answer is YES. It’s not that I didn’t have many times where I was a little suspicious but Joel had a quick answer for

I asked him why a childcare interview would be scheduled on a Saturday and he told me it was an open house. Oh, makes sense. He even had the director call me earlier in the week and confirm our appointment! That is some serious commitment. There were so many other details that went into keeping it from me. You really should read his post about it. It will blow your mind.

So yeah, really extremely surprised. Can you tell?



The theme was travel which is obviously perfection. So many cute little details.

So many people I love were there and so many more told me how much they wished they could have been (after the fact of course, no one said a peep to me before). I didn’t get pictures with everyone but I’m so excited for each and every person that showed up. So much love.

We were utterly and completely spoiled with gifts. Seriously this little guy is completely set.



Also, had to point out this picture because it cracks. me. up. My face! I don’t even know, but clearly I was excited.

As I said yesterday we had planned to wait to announce our little guy’s name until he was born… but I clearly have no patience. We had a couple options early on but quickly fell in love with one. We have been calling him by his name for months and after almost slipping dozens of times we agreed to share it with family. I also mentioned that if I had a shower it would be neat to reveal his name publicly there. Joel remembered that and so, if you attended you got the first look at our little boy’s name….

which is….

dramatic pause….



My sister-in-law made that name from wood and covered it in maps from places Joel and I have been. So freaking amazing. It will hang in his nursery… when we get a place with more than one bedroom.

It was truly such a special day. So many people worked so hard to make every detail come together. It was pure magic and I will never forget it. I’m still floating on a happy high more than a week later.

More behind the meaning of the name and a cute little video on Joel’s blog. Go see!

Chicago Auto Show: Pregnant Style

If you are like me before I’d gone to the auto show you probably can’t understand how miles of cars for hours could be interesting. I mean, that’s basically rush hour, right?

Except it’s so much fun. I’ll let the pictures convince you.


We’re the nerdiest rockers. Or the rockingest nerds…




Joel’s shirt seems extra appropriate in this picture.


Trek meets DC. (p.s. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the actual Superman car because it was ridiculously awesome. I was too distracted with making Joel do cheesy poses. Oops.)

all the cars

I have no idea why sitting in cars is so much fun. But it is!


Joel being super classy. Ahem.

Remember my dilemma about whether or not I should rent a wheelchair? Yeah, I didn’t get one. It just felt too silly, especially with a bunch of 80 something year olds walking around just fine (mostly in the Cadillac and Lexus areas. What?). We just went at an easy pace, I wore ugly gym shoes and I sat down. A lot.


Loungin’ like a boss.


A lot of my sitting was in cars. Although the getting in and out with my giant belly wasn’t always the easiest.

My only complaint was I couldn’t do my favorite event at the auto show, the Jeep off road simulation track.

jeep pout

“Not recommended for women who are pregnant.” Annoying.

It was such a great time, as it is every year, even if I couldn’t ride in a Jeep going over a couple bumps at five miles an hour. Not bitter. Nope.

Seriously though, I’m not a car type of girl necessarily but the auto show is always a blast. I can’t wait to take our 11 month old little guy next year.

35 weeks


I’m not feeling very inspired to write this post. Probably because I’ve been resisting the urge to crawl into a hole lately, the reasons for which I explained in this post.

I’m not sure if it’s because of those reasons or just extra hormones or a combination but I’ve reached the weepy portion of this pregnancy. I thought I had before but suddenly things have cranked themselves up a notch. Best example lately was when Joel asked me to find him the post I wrote about why I don’t do Valentine’s Day for a post he was writing. Dummy me read through it and got to the part about my childhood dog dying and I had a complete. melt. down.

I’m talking full on, gasping, hysterical crying.

I grabbed Phoebe and started bawling into her fur about how she was going to die someday too. Poor Joel just sat next to me with a mixture of sympathy and total bewilderment. I mean, my dog died 13 years ago, it’s hardly fresh enough for that kind of reaction. In the middle of my sobs I looked up and saw both Phoebe and Joel staring at me like O_O and just as fast as I melted down I realized how funny it was and started laughing hysterically. Joel then started laughing so hard that he choked.

So yeah, living with me has been a bit of a roller coaster lately. Joel really deserves some kind of medal or something.

Thankfully we have some fun plans for this weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to snap out of this funk.

Tomorrow Joel and I have plans to attend the Chicago Auto Show which I am both excited and nervous about. Why nervous? Because lately it doesn’t take much physical activity to make my lower back and pelvis feel like it’s trying to break itself in half. So fun. If you’ve ever been to the auto show you know it’s huge and even without being pregnant my legs and back could get sore after all that walking. Throw in a 4-5lb human sitting in my pelvis and I’m not sure how I’m going to make it. Joel wants to rent a wheelchair for me but that just feels completely ridiculous. I want to go and I don’t want to be in extreme pain so I may let him talk me into it but, ugh it just feels so melodramatic. I’m pregnant not handicapped.

Someone tell me if it’s really ridiculous or if I should just get over myself.

Saturday we have an interview scheduled at the daycare we plan to send our little guy. I was supposed to be going back to work this March but I took another furlough so I won’t be going back until next March. I’m not sure how that will factor into the daycare thing as I don’t plan to send him if I’m not working. But the interview was scheduled before we knew about the furlough so I guess we’ll see how things go. I feel like a real parent, interviewing a daycare. I guess I should get used to that feeling as I am about to actually be a real parent. I can’t quite wrap my head around that idea yet.

And last but not least, we finally got the maternity pictures! They deserve their own post but I’ll put this one up as a sneak peek.

DSC_9316 watermark

More coming next week!


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