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Done with brown

Number 23 on my 30 by 30 list (have you checked it out yet? You should) is to dye my hair something other than it’s natural color.

I’m a hair dye virgin. The most I’ve used is Kool-aid when I was a kid. It doesn’t work on dark hair by the way. Ten year old me felt so left out of all my pretty blond friends with their electric pink and purple hair. I’ve also used temporary dye so I guess I’m not totally a virgin. But my permanent hair dye cherry has yet to be popped.

There are a couple reasons for this. The first is just plain lack of money. I’ve never been one to spend gobs of money on my appearance and there are so many things I’d rather do with $75-$150 every six weeks or so. I had many friends that did the trendy chunky highlights in the late 90’s and when they decided to grow it out the in between was just awful. That scared me off any kind of hair dye for a long time.

The second reason is, I can’t decide what other color I’d like my hair to be. I have no idea what would look good with my skin tone and have never had a hair stylist that I trusted enough to tell me.

This is a pretty good representation of my current hair color

Don’t mind me, I’m just glowing white and stuffing my face with cotton candy. Also, try to ignore the massive amount of split ends I have. They’re still left over from that hair straightening incident.

As you can see I’m a brunette and proud of it. Before I fried my hair I always got compliments from the stylists when I’d get it cut. What? They say those things to everyone? Shut up.

I do like my hair color actually…. on the right days or in the right lighting. When the sun hits it, my hair has all kinds of natural highlights. As you can see from my skin tone I don’t get out in the sun all that often though.

A lot of the time it’s just blah. Boring. Brown. Mousy even. I’ve been told I look like a mouse before, I don’t need my hair helping out that image. So I want a change. I’ve looked pretty much the same since I was, um, 15? I feel like it’s a very grown up thing to dye your hair. Maybe I won’t get carded at the movies anymore.

If Since I’m going to dye my hair I don’t want to go halfway. I want something dramatic. I want people to notice. Last time I cut my hair the only person that noticed (including my sisters and mother) was my brother-in-law. Sad. I’m thinking red. Not like apple red, more deep, almost maroon red. Obviously I’d search out pictures and find a good color before I just go in and say “Dye it red.”

I’m totally open to suggestions though. The only thing I want is for it to be really different. I don’t just want a different color brown and I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull off blond. So that pretty much leaves me with red right?

Thoughts? Opinions? Comments? Go!

Six Months

I don’t know how many of you were reading my blog six months ago. If you were you might remember my 30 by 30 post. The list by itself is also a page in the upper right hand corner if you ever just want to look over it. So far I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m working on several of my goals. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I have 6 years and I don’t have to do everything at once. Here’s an update on my progress so far. I won’t go through every number, just the ones I’ve been thinking about or have made progress on.

1. Travel to India. This is so close to becoming a reality I can taste it. Really it deserves it’s own post and I will work on one in the near future. Basically it’s been my dream to go on a mission trip to India since I was 12 (half my life) and we have one set up to go in October.

We are working on fundraising right now. We’ve had some very generous donations from some amazing people. We’re still a ways off from the total needed though. If you have any ideas for fundraisers please send them my way. You can get more info at HelpSend.Us

2. Become a mother: Still not ready for this one. I have time ::grin::

4. Read all books on Time 100 best novels list: I have a few books marked off but honestly they’re ones I read prior to making the list. I need to step up on this one.

5. Run a marathon: I’ve taken the first step. Or steps. Check out Running Between Tweets for updates on mine and all my fellow tweeps progress.

9. Visit every US state: I have 12 more to go. I still have my flight benefits so getting to the states isn’t a problem. The main thing is having a place to stay once I get there. I don’t have tons of cash but I have so many wonderful blog/Twitter friends spread all over the country.

Would any of you from the states that I’m missing be willing to host me? Even just over night so I could meet you and buy a spoon (yes I collect spoons. What?) I don’t need anything fancy. A floor and a blanket would be more than enough. Who’s first? ::wink::

10. See all movies on Time 100 best movies list: I’ve gotten about a quarter of the way through the list thanks to our Blockbuster online membership. I’ve loved some and been bored to tears on others.

14. Earn an award with Phoebe: I’m entering us in our first rally obedience trial the middle of this month. I’ll let you know how it goes!

16. Join a book club: I get to mark one off! Woot! I’ve written about my book club a few times so you already know I have met some really neat girls there including the one who invited me to be on the soccer team.

I don’t know that I expected to have so much fun. I love reading but the book club is so much more than just discussing books. In fact, as we’ve gone on I could almost care less about the books that I’ve read. None of them are probably ones I’d pick out myself. The great part is, it doesn’t matter because the group of friends we’ve built is priceless. It’s just what I didn’t know I needed.

26. Keep a blog or journal daily for one year: That is where the title of this blog comes in. As of today I have successfully completed six months of that year on I’m actually really impressed that I’ve come this far.

Before this I was always a sporadic blogger. I would post several times a week for awhile and then go for months with nothing. I felt like if I didn’t have anything big to blog about I couldn’t post.

Now I’ve realized that isn’t the case. Granted, all of my posts haven’t been stellar but I feel like I’ve learned so much and improved as a writer and blogger by making this commitment. There are days when I have no idea what to blog about but I sit down and start writing anyway. And sometimes? Those are some of my best posts. Apparently my brain has a lot rolling around in it.

I don’t pretend to be a professional blogger or to have everything figured out. I am having fun though. I’ve also gotten more involved with Twitter and have made some wonderful friends out of it. I seriously wonder what I did without all you guys. I look forward to the next six months of blogging and beyond.

I am so excited about how far I’ve come. I have a long ways to go and a lot to accomplish in the next 5 1/2 years but I’m confident I can pull it off. I’m doing really well. Working through this list has already improved who I am as a person. I am much more focused and excited about life. I have goals and I am working towards them. I highly recommend everyone make a list similar to this. It can fit where ever you are in life and drive you to where you want to be. You’ll be surprised how inspiring it is.

Letting myself dream and get excited is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s already taken me places and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in six months, a year and on my 30th birthday. I have a feeling, it’s going to be somewhere amazing.

One more reason I’m a weirdo

I got my feet measured for running shoes today because I’m going to run a marathon. This is number 5 on my 30 by 30 list in case anyone is keeping track. Anyway, my aunt runs a running supply store (heh heh a pun) so I was all fancy shmancy and got fitted for shoes. Perhaps I’m just a loser and this is very normal to all of you but this was my first time getting measured for shoe since my mom took me to Stride Rite.

Now, I have always had trouble buying shoes. They always seem to fit me in the store but I go home and find out they’re too big. Every stupid time. Also, they always seem bigger on my right foot than my left. Now I know why. My left foot is no less than one and a half sizes bigger than my right. My aunt told me it’s normal for feet to be as much as a half size different but a whole size and a half?! No wonder my shoes always seem too big. I seriously could get shoes in two different sizes. Of course that’s much more expensive so I opted to just get shoes that fit my giant left foot. Not that either of my feet are actually giant. I wear a size 6 on my left foot. With my size difference that makes my right foot a size 4 1/2.

Absolutely RI.diculous.

30 by 30

I turned 24 today. I’m officially in my mid twenties now. Weird. I have so much I want to accomplish in my life and I figure it’s about time I write it down as a list of goals. Putting them out in public will help hold me accountable, plus I have a real tangible reminder to look back on so I can see how far I’ve come. I figure 30 is a good round number and a good age. So here is my list (in no particular order) of 30 things I want to accomplish by my 30th birthday:

  1. travel to India
  2. become a mother
  3. speak another language fluently
  4. read all books on Time 100 best novels list
  5. run a marathon
  6. sky dive
  7. go skiing
  8. celebrate 10th wedding anniversary (This will be April of the year I turn 30)
  9. visit every US state
  10. see all movies on Time 100 best movies list
  11. have a habit of exercising daily (at least 30 minutes)
  12. knit or crochet an item of clothing
  13. make a quilt
  14. earn an award with Phoebe
  15. take a painting class
  16. join a book club
  17. take a photography class
  18. have a recipe box of at least 100 things I like to cook
  19. eat some type of local delicacy (ie. insect)
  20. memorize Deuteronomy
  21. complete a scrapbook
  22. do the splits
  23. dye my hair something other than it’s natural color
  24. go scuba diving
  25. visit the grand canyon
  26. keep a blog or journal daily for one year
  27. drive across the country on route 66
  28. milk a cow
  29. ride a horse on a beach
  30. one mile on a hippity hop

I’ll be updating as I make progress. Wish me luck!

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