You Only Live Once, This Is How I’m Doing It!


Last night I tossed and turned, took deep breaths and tried to think of anything but how much the contents of my stomach wanted to make a reappearance. As tears ran down my cheeks I made the decision that enough is enough. So this morning I called my doctor’s office and scheduled a D&C for tomorrow morning. I just want it done. Over. I want my body back.

I hate feeling sick all the time for no freaking reason. I know I’m not as sick as some. I’ve only puked once so far and that’s so much easier than what my sister and some of my other friends have had to deal with. The thing is, I wouldn’t mind being nauseous all the time if it means a chubby, healthy baby in nine months. I do mind feeling this sick just to wait for an empty sac to pass. Every time my stomach turns it reminds me that there won’t be a baby at the end of this. It makes it so much more painful for me.

It’s not worth it. It’s just making me more miserable and I’m over it. I want to really be able to deal with all the emotions without adding resentment toward my body for not being able to figure out there’s no human growing inside me.

All that being said, I’m pretty nervous about the whole thing. I’ve lived a blissfully healthy life so far and other than having my wisdom teeth pulled I’ve never had any kind of surgical procedure. I’ve been in hospitals but only as support for those who were really sick. This time I’m the one checking into the hospital. It is an outpatient procedure and fairly routine so in the grand scheme of things this is so minor. It’s still scary to me.

As scary as surgery is, I’m less worried about it than I’m worried about physical and mental toll this failed pregnancy is taking on my body. I need closure. I need to start healing.

I’m taking charge of my body and scheduling my healing to start at 9:15 tomorrow morning.


No baby




  1. niki @strawbrykiwi

    Oh… I am so very sorry for you and that you’re going through this rough experience. I wish there were more I could do, I’m glad you have a good support system. If I can do anything,.please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  2. I’m so sorry for the struggle you’re going through. In you shoes, I made the same choice. I’ll admit, I was holding back tears when they took me in too, but the procedure itself was quick and easy, and not at all scary.

  3. Oma

    Abigail, our arms are reaching out for you today. Can you feel the hugs? Sometimes “it” just doesn’t make sense, does it? Nonetheless, you and Joel are such a special couple. You have a wonderful relationship that reaches deep down, right to your heart and makes it sing. Your relationship also reaches out to touch others who can be and sometimes are inspired by your love for each other and your love and loyalty to God. And God has many wonderful plans for you. Let us help you through this time, and you will see more plans for the future. We are so proud of you. Be well and we’ll see y’all soon.

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