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Skinny bitch

Ok, don’t hate me. But I get it if you do because a month ago I would probably have thrown tomatoes at me for this post.

Moving on.

Remember that time I apparently swallowed demons? I couldn’t keep so much as water down. In that two days I lost 8 pounds. Afterward I had no appetite and lost a few more pounds. Then, I got sick again and lost four more pounds.

My appetite just hasn’t been the same.

Now, before I lost my immune system I was at my highest weight ever. When I was flying (and at my happiest weight) I was a good 15 pounds lighter. I hadn’t given in and bought many new clothes yet but putting on my jeans every morning required me to stretch them within an inch of their life. I’m not sure how the seams held out. It was so uncomfortable. Often I couldn’t even comfortably sit without unbuttoning my pants.

So attractive, I know. Down boys.

Obviously I was pretty unhappy with how I looked. In all honesty I was nowhere near being considered overweight but I hated how I felt and how my clothes fit. I have issues. Judge if you want.

Anyway, despite the fact that it wasn’t the healthiest way to get back down to my normal weight, I kind of love how I look now. Mostly. I still have issues.

The thing is, do you know how difficult it is to find cute, inexpensive clothes in small sizes? It’s the same problem with having absurdly tiny feet. There are just way fewer options, especially if you’re trying to shop in the clearance section.

The most frustrating thing though is the discrepancy in sizing. One place I can wear a size 5 and in the very. same. store. a 0 is too big. It’s just plain annoying. I get that brands want to make women feel good about themselves. Shouldn’t that be done by making great clothes that are well tailored rather than putting smaller numbers on bigger clothes?

As if someone is going to think, “Oh wow, even though my body looks no different I must be thinner because the tag has a smaller number on it.”

Personally I don’t care if I wear a size 0 or a 10. I just want to look good in my clothes. Mens clothes are so easy since it’s by waist measurement. Why don’t womens clothing do that? No guessing, no bullshit, just a standard size. You are how big you are and smaller, arbitrary numbers on tags don’t magically make you weigh less.

Can you tell I’ve been shopping a lot lately? I haven’t bought much though. Joel and I don’t have tons of extra money to spend. However, I need to look nice for my job and my winter wardrobe was sadly lacking in anything that wasn’t worn out and shabby looking. Or a t-shirt.

So, I search through Large after XL for the occasional Small or Medium. Then I take dozens of things into the dressing room (while Joel panics that I’m going to spend our entire paycheck) only to come out with 1 or 2 things that fit and look halfway decent.

Now, maybe if I shopped at more high end places I wouldn’t have this problem. I wouldn’t really know but it seems the cheaper the store, the bigger the sizes run. We just don’t have money to spend $20+ on shirts and $70+ on pants.

If I gained a little weight I’d probably be able to find clothes that fit me better. However, I’d be uncomfortable with how I looked. It shouldn’t be this difficult, I shouldn’t have to pick between ill fitting clothes or a body that I don’t love or money in the bank. There has to be a market for cheap, small clothes.

(and shoes? Nah, that’s asking too much)

Anyone out there have that problem or am I just a lone skinny bitch?


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  1. I have to say, no matter what your size, clothes shopping generally sucks. Being on the thinner side myself, I know how terrible it can be when everyone just assumes that you'll look great in everything but really, nothing fits you well.

    • Yeah, that's part of the problem. Everyone assumes if you're thin that you should look great in everything and have no problems shopping. It's just not the case. I agree with you, every size has their shopping challenges.

  2. wifeychronicles

    I know what you mean in a way…I mostly shop at Ross & Target. At Ross they carry so many different brands I pretty much have to bring two of everything in because I'm not sure what size I'm going to be and at my Target they don't do a very good job of seperating the sections of jrs womans and plus size so they all run together and I forget to look at the ceiling to see which section I'm in and grab a large in jr size which should be big on me but is tight…then i get disappointed lol

    • Isn't that ridiculous? I always have to bring in several different sizes. And if I don't? I always guess wrong and have to try something else. So frustrating. Why isn't there just one standard? ::shakes fist::

  3. Kelly

    Perfect timing–my auntie just gave me a ton of clothes that are too small for me and perfect for a smaller frame like yours! Come get 'em–there's SO much!

  4. Oh My Gosh I know what you mean! This past summer my apetite decided it was kind of afraid of food and now none of my clothes fit me. I tried to go shopping and it was a nightmare. Not only that, but I am short and very picky. I have recently decided 2 things: 1, I should just forget clothes shopping and become a seemstress, or 2, just find the sales people and introduce myself with, “Hi, I’m an impossible shopper. Do you like challenges?” Lols, they really don’t know what they’re getting in to when they ask if I need help finding anything.

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