You Only Live Once, This Is How I’m Doing It!

Virgin hair no more

I finally did it. My hair can no longer wear white to it’s wedding. Instead, it will be wearing red.

Because red? So much better than white. Or brown for that matter.

Today I took the plunge and completed number 23 on my 30 by 30 list. I dyed my hair red.

I go to the Aveda Institute in Chicago to get my hair done. Their prices are lower than even a place like Super Cuts but I feel comfortable with the quality of the products and I’ve never had a bad hair cut there. The last several cuts I’ve had done by the same girl and I heart her. She’s fantastic.

It was fun when they were discussing my color because they kept referring to my virgin hair. They actually use the words virgin hair which of course made me giggle inside. I’m clearly twelve.

Anyway, the process of the dye and cut took over four hours. Apparently my hair is quite thick.

This was part of the way through the process. She had to get more dye. For the third time. Ha!

Side note, I tried cucumber water for what I’m pretty sure is the first time. Not delicious. I like cucumbers but I think they’re better suited dipped in hummus than as a water flavor. The flavor is actually kind of nauseating. Blech.

The whole time my stylist was as giddy as I was about how good the color was going to look. Once it was done I seriously had so many students and instructors come up and say how gorgeous the color was. And they see a lot of dye jobs so you know it was good.

Oh, here’s a question. How do you react when someone tells you you’re pretty? Like, a matter of fact statement, not a guy hitting on you. One of the instructors came to check my hair at one point in the process and after she introduced herself was like “You’re very pretty.”

Hello, ego boost.

At the same time though it’s so hard to just say thank you. I always feel the need to justify compliments. I resist, but I always want to. It’s probably a whole other post on body image and self esteem but it surprised me and made me think. More than anything though it kind of made my day. Because who doesn’t want to be told they’re pretty?

After my appointment I tweeted about how much I loved my new ‘do and planned to post a picture shortly after. Except I hit traffic… on the way to Aunt Becky’s house to hang out. First Twitter friend I actually got together with. It couldn’t have been a better first tweetup. Because Becky? Every bit as awesome in real life as she is online which makes me so happy. Anywho, her and her adorable munchkins totally distracted me from Twitter (ironically) or posting pictures of my hair. I’m officially a giant tease. Sorry.

So, without further ado, the new hair.

It’s not shockingly different and my stupid cheap camera doesn’t do the color justice.

Perhaps tomorrow I can get a better picture in the sunlight. But you get the idea.

Bonus! I got my headband in the mail today from Krust


I’m very happy with it. I think next time I’ll go even more red.

I think the whole fiery red head thing suits my personality very well.

*double bonus, cleavage shot! You’re welcome.


Yet keeps moving


Little black rain cloud


  1. Jenny

    LOVE it! I'm an Aveda addict myself. Wish there was an Aveda Institute here, because my haircuts? So not cheaper than Super Cuts.

    I've never tried cucumber water, so I appreciate the warning. Of course, I don't even drink lemon water. I'm a purist.

    • I love the Aveda institute. I can pamper myself and not spend a fortune. Love!

      And yeah, cucumber water? Not at all a fan. I love lemon water and I like cucumbers so I expected to like it. Not even a little. Oh well.

  2. Love it!
    The color is not shockingly different as you acknowledged; for your list of 30 by 30 you may actually need to wear a red hair wig — Halloween??
    Sorry for getting off track.

    Love the cut! It's indeed perfect.
    Wish there was a place like this in MD — wait, there might be! ::off to google::

    • I don't know about the wig. I do plan on doing a much bolder red next time. I feel like this time was just dipping my foot in the water. I'll go all out next time. I believe I have a new addiction.

  3. Looks awesome!!! I have ALWAYS wanted red hair! You look dooo pretty:]

  4. LOVE the color. My hair has been every color under the rainbow, but fire-engine red was always my favorite!

    Red suits you. Oh, and the headband is A D O R A B L E!

    BTW, I just read on Twitter yesterday about cucumber water and was intrigued – might not try it after all. Thanks for the heads up. 😉

  5. Cute! Love it!!

  6. Flying mum

    Looks great!!! My first and last color was becoming a red-head. Have never done anything else since!!!

    Will have to try the Aveda institute in Chicago. I live in the burbs. 🙁

    • I love the red. I want to go a lot redder next time. I think it suits me.

      I live in the suburbs too but it's totally worth the drive in for me. Generally it's only about 45 mins and it saves me tons of money over what I would pay to get this good of a job done anywhere else.

      What 'burb do you live in? I don't think I realized you lived around me.

  7. darron

    The new hair color is awesome! It just adds to how pretty you already are!

  8. Oh yay! Make sure and post pictures of what you do/did.

  9. Guest

    Well you are pretty even w/o the cleavage.

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