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Happy Father’s Day

I love my dad so much. He isn’t perfect but that’s ok because I’m not either. He has the biggest, kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. There is no one as giving and charismatic as he is. I love him so much and am so lucky to have him in my life. I love you, Dad.


Did you notice? My blog got a mini makeover. I’m considering this theme a temporary one since eventually I’d like to make a super fancy custom one. My old theme didn’t support a lot of the features I wanted though so here it is, my shiny new blog look. What do you think?

Let me give you a little tour so you don’t miss any of the new features:

1. I got a brand new favicon. Don’t know what that means? Look up in your browser window right next to my url. See the little picture of me? You may need to clear your cache or reopen your browser to get the full effect.

2. Drop down menus. Check under my 30 by 30 page at the top. There are now links to the Time best 100 movies and books lists that I’m working my way through.

3. Look to your right. See that button? That’s to our HelpSend.Us website. We are currently raising money for a trip to India where we hope to work with a children’s home and do other humanitarian aid work. Any help, whether it’s financial or help spreading the word makes a difference.

4. Comments. I installed Intense Debate so now you’ll be able to reply to specific comments, subscribe to comments and a whole bunch of other useful features. Check out Intense Debate’s website so you can take full advantage.

Feel free to let me know how much you love it. Or if there’s something broken you can tell me that too, either way.

Top 10 most “catchy” songs

Or: The one that makes you want to stab yourself in the ear with a pencil

I love fun, upbeat music. However, some songs are so catchy they ought to be in the same classification as herpes. You never get rid of them. Ever.

Here’s my top 10 list of songs that should be classified as STDs:

10. Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65

Confession: When I was a teenager this was my very favorite song. It still kind of is. Funny story about it though, my dad is extremely conservative. He didn’t want me to listen to it because he said the lyrics were about being depressed. I argued that no, it was in fact about actual blue people. He didn’t believe me until I went online and found the music video. After I played it for him I was allowed to listen to the song. Win.

9. Around the World – ATC

Actually I kind of like this song too but it definitely hangs around your head for awhile.

8. Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue

This song does warn you in the title so I guess it’s your own fault if you can’t, in fact, get it out of your head.

7. Barbie Girl – Aqua

The cutest annoying song ever. Actually all Aqua songs could probably go on this list. That would be really boring though.

6. Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

I hate that I love this song. Miley Cyrus drives me crazy and yet when this song comes on the radio I can’t help but turn it up and dance. Then it’s stuck in my head all day. Bah.

5. Dragostea Din Tei – O-Zone

I have a story about this song too. I went to Romania in 2004 with my Au Pair family. While I was there I discovered this fun, catchy tune. I bought the single (with like 6 mixes) and planned to show it off as cool European music when I got back to the States. Unfortunately, once I got back I found out that the song was old news because some dumb kid’s video mocking the song went viral. ::sigh::

4. I like to Move It – Madagascar

Kids cartoons are great for catchy yet annoying songs that you love to hate, aren’t they?

3. The Picard Song

Obviously Joel was the first person to play this for me. Obviously. It’s one that I find myself humming in the shower every once in awhile. I wish I were kidding.

2. Hamster Dance

Oh my this song. Actually when I hear it all I think of is Disney’s Robin Hood.

1. We Like to Party (Venga Bus) – Vengaboys

The official song of Six Flags Great America. How do I know? Because we bought season passes and now this song will be in my head for the rest of my life.

There you have it. That is, if you’ve lasted this long without stabbing out your eardrums. Have any other incredibly catchy songs that should have made the list?


I’ve been really down today. I’m hoping it’s a one day thing. Maybe tomorrow I’ll feel better. I’m counting on it anyway. I don’t like being reminded about people that hurt me and today is just one big fat reminder. So I’ve been quiet most of the day. Poor Joel makes jokes that would normally make me laugh and I barely crack a smile. That’s if I’m not too lost in my thoughts to hear him at all. I think writing about it will help and then I think that will only get me into trouble. So I’m in limbo with the words that I want to write swirling in my head and no outlet. Crap.

Why does family have to be so stupid sometimes? Why do friends have to suck? Why are people so hurtful? Why don’t more people treat others the way they’d like to be treated? If humans all lived by that rule the world would be a pretty nice place. It wouldn’t be perfect because obviously some people like to be treated differently than others and that would create some misunderstandings. But in general people would be kind to each other. They would be understanding when mistakes were made because they would realize that they’ve made mistakes themselves. They would accept people for how they are, right now, no qualifications. Wouldn’t that just be lovely?

I daydream about that sometimes. Like what if people weren’t cruel and ignorant? What if differing opinions weren’t something to be feared but were just cause for stimulating conversations? Why be so afraid of differences? Why is that threatening?

This post is like my brain throwing up. I do think about these things. Sometimes I even cry about them. Because hate is so hurtful, especially when you’re not really sure what you did to deserve it. To some people I am an awful human being. Consider yourself warned.

This post is so woe is me I almost don’t want to publish it. Life is mostly good but everything isn’t all butterflies and rainbows and I think that’s ok. Right? I can be sad on here every once in awhile, yeah? I promise it won’t happen very often. Sometimes I just need a hug. I’m so lucky I have Joel and Phoebe around for the cuddles. A little virtual love would be nice too, remind me I’m not completely evil.

A little evil obviously, but not completely. ::wink::

Wordless Wednesdays: Curious

Late to work, flight attendant style

I have not done this. At least not this exactly. I have come pretty darn close though because, let’s face it, those 20 extra minutes of sleep? Are totally worth it.

Game Two

We lost again. World Cup Champions we are not. We did however improve over last week… by one point. What? Shut up.

Seriously stop laughing.

Anyway, Joel came to the game this time and took a couple pictures and video clips. It was hard to get a clear shot because I am so awesome and move like lightning there was a net in the way. He got a couple decent shots though and then turned it into a fun little video. Enjoy.

Mmmm falafel

We went to the Greater Chicago Jewish Festival in Cook County Forest Preserve today. There was music, art and the best falafel I’ve ever had. I mean, seriously so good…. ::daydreams about the delicious falafel:: It was Joel’s first time trying falafel and now he is completely spoiled. That falafel is not fair to all the other fried balls of chickpea. Nom.

Anyway, we made a little video. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Bowling is like golf right?

Lowest score wins? Please say yes. Because if so I’m a bowling champion.

Yeeeah… I know you’re supposed to knock over balls pins. I even know the rules. Like if you get a strike the next frame is multiplied by how ever many pins you knock down… or something. And I *know* how to knock over a split. Darned if I actually can though.

I very consistently threw the ball into the same place. Right in the gutter. Me and the gutter? Like this ::crosses fingers::

I tried to have fun though. My competitive streak tried to rear it’s ugly head. I can get really pissy when I’m losing. I try so hard to be a gracious loser but it’s so freakin’ hard. I kept a smile on my face though. See?

My high score of the night was 63. No, I didn’t forget a 1 at the beginning of that number. Just 63. High five! ::crickets:: No? Whatever. If I break 50 that’s an accomplishment. I am so bad at bowling that whenever I try I always have random strangers come up and try to help me. They offer me tips and advice. It’s both embarrassing and hilarious.

Zahara on the other hand was pretty awesome. Comparatively.

Here she is after one of many strikes. Psh.

The reason we were at the bowling alley was because Zahara’s dad’s band was playing at the bar that was connected to it. They were actually really good.

There was an old man that was the most hilarious adorable person you’ve ever seen.

Look at what a great time he was having?

Later he came up to us and told us a bunch of jokes. Randomly. No one in our group has any idea who he is. I hope I’m that awesome when I’m in my 80’s.

So it was a good night. I had a lot of fun and while my bowling game did not improve I don’t care all that much. I can still kick butt on the Wii and for now, that’s good enough for me.

What we do for fun

My little sister is out of school for the summer so we had her over for a few days. I think we had a blast. She may or may not agree.

Yup, totally put her to work. What? Isn’t that what you do for a good time?


Oh, huh… Well we also took a little trip up to Six Flags.

Maybe that was a little more fun than the light dusting I made asked her to do.

While it may look like I am way shorter than Anna in this picture since I can barely show my face that is not the case. She had a box to stand on. I was forced to be on my tippy toes. I’m still taller than one of my siblings (even though I’m the oldest) hmph.

Joel, before the ride.

Joel after the ride. His hair = classic

As we were leaving I spotted this dude:

Please someone tell me why you would ever need a robot bigger than a man? Also? How can I get one because it’s kind of awesome.

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