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Not a lost generation

You all probably know I’m a huge nerd and that’s probably a big part of the reason I think this is so neato. (Yes, I did just say neato. See? Nerd.) It’s a palindrome which is what is what’s so cool about this project. I also happen to agree with the message. Anyway, enjoy.

Twitter is great for inspiration

I have mentioned how much I love Twitter. I have met some incredibly wonderful, interesting people on there. One great aspect of Twitter is being able to get dozens of opinions in a very short period of time. I have used it several times for fashion advice which is great because I seem to have trouble dressing myself. One quick tweet and within minutes I have a dozen different opinions on what I should or shouldn’t wear. I love it. Tonight I was lacking inspiration on what to post about so I asked Twitter. I got a bunch of great ideas. Obviously I won’t be using all of them tonight but I have several filed for later use. Tonight’s chosen subject was food and the idea was from the lovely Jess who blogs at The Bottle Chronicles.

We’re looking into moving back into the city. I am totally a city girl and this whole living in the suburbs thing is killing me. It’s not that I hate where we live. I just can’t stand not having things around and open all the time. The other day we had friends over. We were coming home from a concert so it was about 11:30pm on a Friday. We were hungry and since we were about 20 minutes from home I decided to order a pizza so it would be ready right when we got home. I called Papa John’s.

Sorry, we closed at 11.

On a Friday?!

I called around to the other pizza places in the area but wouldn’t you know ever single one was already closed. Turns out the only real options after 10pm around where I live for real food are TGI Fridays or Buffalo Wild Wings. Don’t get me wrong, I like both of those places but how about a little variety. I could understand if it was a week night but on the weekend? I feel like I should be able to order a freaking pizza in the middle of the night.

Maybe it isn’t the best idea to make a major move based on when I can order pizza. I did love living up there before for many more reason than the food selection, although that was a major bonus. Almost any ethnicity of food you can think of was within several blocks of us. My mouth is starting to water just thinking about it. Yum…

::comes back from food daydream::

Sorry. Anyway, there are tons of other great reasons to move into the city. Not the least of which is there being so much more to do at almost any time of the day. I’m really hoping we can find an affordable, decent place that accepts little dogs. We will have to decide if it’s worth the commute for Joel though because that was pretty annoying when he had to do that before. ::sigh:: Decisions, decisions.

I’m sure I’ll write more about it as we begin looking at places. Apartment hunting can be fun and exciting but it’s a pain moving our stuff every year or so. I can’t wait to just find one place that we love and settle there for awhile. Never thought I’d say that.

Maybe I’m ready to stop being such a nomad…. Maybe. But only if there’s really good pizza nearby.

Wordless Wednesdays: Belly Laughs

Go Cubs Go!

One of the girls that I met in my book club invited me and a couple other girls to a Cubs game. Her dad has season tickets and since he wasn’t going to use them this evening he let her have them. They were great seats. I’ve been to several Cubs games but never nearly this close. The players actually have faces. Who knew?!

The seats were great but the real reason I go to baseball games is for the company.

Good times.

Notice the sweaters? It’s May. I don’t think Chicago got the memo though. It was pretty chilly but that sweater I had on is super warm and I was very comfortable the whole evening. Poor Carrie is from California though and was freezing. We checked out the gift shop but, as expected, sweatshirts and jackets were $75-$100, a blanket or t-shirt was $50. I love the Cubs but really? No thanks. Anyway, I’m glad I didn’t haul my coat around like I was considering because I stayed very comfortable without it. Win!

Speaking of win, the Cubs actually won tonight! Just the icing on a really great night.

Little bits of happiness

Life can be so stressful. Right now we’re in the process of me (hopefully) starting a new job soon. We’re trying to find a new place to live. Trying to pay off some credit cards. We had to replace a headlight on our car… you know, just life. However, amid the stressful things life inevitably throws at us there are always the simple little things that make days bright and happy.

This weekend was full of those little things:

-Watching my family gather together in support of my mom

-Getting to see my sister and nephew in from California

-Seeing my Oma from Kansas City and Aunt from Florida

-Spending the entire day today with my mom and Oma. Seriously, my mom and I could talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never run out of things to talk about.

-Finding a gift card from Starbucks in my wallet that had $18 on it. That’s like free money!

-One of the girls from my book club invited me to a Cubs game tomorrow. Third freakin’ row seats. Mind = blown. I’m so excited.

My poor sister sat standby at the airport (on literally no sleep) all day long and didn’t get out. She’s spending the night here and is going to try again tomorrow. The flights don’t look a whole lot better and since her car is parked in San Fransisco she can’t fly in anywhere else. Say a prayer, cross your fingers and hop on one foot that she gets out because spending two long days at airport sucks. Spending two long days at an airport with a five year old (even one that is really well behaved) while your husband just got in from a deployment sucks way worse. She will accept any extra plane tickets to SFO just in case anyone has one laying around. Just saying.

Aside from feeling bad for my sister I’m just so happy. I’m so blessed in so many ways. I have a wonderful life and it’s fun to look back and list things that make my life as great as it is. Optimism for the win!

So proud of my mom

After four long years of very hard work my mom has officially graduated from the school of nursing.

I am so incredibly proud of her. She worked so hard. While juggling six kids and several grandkids she managed to graduate with honors. Sometimes it felt like she’d never finish, both to herself and to the kids who constantly struggled to get a hold of her while she studied for some test or wrote some paper. She did it though and we’re all super proud of all her hard work. Joel and I are working on a little video with more pictures and some video clips from the day and the ceremony. Hopefully I can get that up tomorrow.

Book Club

Number 16 on my 30 by 30 list was join a book club. I can officially cross it off my list. I’ve been on several outings now with the members and I love this group of girls. They’re all around my age, fun and easy to talk to. Our last book discussion was at a winery. Those of you who follow me on Twitter might remember me asking for fashion advice, haha.

Tonight we went out to a movie (Letters to Juliet. Cute but incredibly predictable if you’re wondering) and then out to dinner. I don’t have a picture of us tonight but I had a great time. I ended up staying until almost midnight. That would be ok except I forgot that I have to be up for my mom’s graduation in the morning. We have to be an hour and a half away at about 9:30am. It’s going to be an extremely short night. Totally worth it though because I feel like I’m really starting to connect with a couple of the girls. Friends > a good night’s sleep any day of the week. Plus, there’s always Starbucks.

I’m going to love it when I’m 40

Joel and I love going to the movies. We usually go once a week or so. I go mostly for the popcorn but that’s beside the point. We are also a big fan of horror movies. I’ve been going through the horror classics recently. Most of them I was too young (or not born) when they first came out and never got around to watching them until recently. You know, Friday the 13th, Poltergeist, Child’s Play etc. I was excited when I heard that they were remaking Nightmare on Elm St. since we just saw the classic version recently too.

Now, keep in mind three things. First, the theater we see movies at we visit almost once a week. It’s not like they’ve never seen us there before. Joel can’t ever remember which way to swipe his credit card but that isn’t the point either. Second, I am 24 years old and Joel is 28. Third, you have to be 17 to see an R rated movie.

We walked into the theater about five minutes before the show started. (I take awhile to get ready. I mean there was traffic…. what?) Thankfully there wasn’t a line. We walked up to the counter:

Me- Two tickets to A Nightmare on Elm St. please

Teenage theater worker – Can I see your ID’s?

Me- ::dies laughing::

I seriously laughed out loud to that kid’s face. Of course we handed over our ID’s and as soon as he looked at them his face got all red.

TTW- oh wow, you guys look a lot younger than you actually are.

And by a lot younger apparently he means 16. Or, almost half our age. I’ve been told I’ll like this whole looking way younger than I am thing later in life. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me now. I just wish it was a marketable talent. Anyone have a Never-Been-Kissed style undercover assignment they need someone for? I would be so awesome at high school now.

P.S. the movie theater? Full of underage kiddos. I’m fairly certain we were the only people over 17 in there. Now THAT’S how they should test age. Me, yelling at the noisy 12 year-olds sitting behind us = old lady


You ever get in a funk and you’re not sure why? Like, you just want to cry for no reason at all? Yeah… That’s how I feel today. I cried because my key chain broke. My key chain. Granted, it’s a picture of my mom and I from when I took her swimming with the dolphins so I can’t exactly run to the store and buy another. But really? Cry about it? ::sigh::

I want to say it’s a girl thing. I don’t want to sound all sexist but I dare any guy to admit he has a weepy day. Today has been just that for me, a weepy day. I feel bad because my sister was here half the day. I tried to keep it together and I think I did an ok job. When I have weepy days it’s almost never anyone’s fault but I’m sure it can feel like it if you don’t know me very well. Joel has only just gotten used to it recently. I used to feel so bad because he would think it was his fault. For any of you that understand this kind of mood you know that guilt only increases the funk. Now he understands and it makes getting out of my moods so much easier when I don’t have the guilt to deal with on top of everything.

I haven’t found the magic cure for my moods. Sometimes a great song on the radio helps a lot. Other times snuggles from Joel do the trick. I wish I could find someone to talk to. Joel will listen but he works a lot so he isn’t always around. Also, sometimes it’s just nice to have a girl to talk to. I miss having a best girl friend. That’s probably what it all boils down to. Losing my best friend (which I haven’t really written about so don’t feel out of the loop) has been harder on me than any break up. Probably because I never thought we’d stop being friends. I can’t really write about her though right now. I’m just starting to come out of my weepy mood and talking about that would send me spiraling down into an even worse mood.

So, I’m taking applications for a new best friend. Must be female and an equally good talker and listener. If you are in the Chicago area that would be ideal but I can fly almost anywhere so that’s not really required. Send all applications to abigail at skywaitress dot com.

Hey, look at that, I figured out why I was in a bad mood. This post has come full circle. It may not be the most interesting thing to read in the whole world but it has been very therapeutic and that’s what matters.

Sunny Smiles

My sister and nephew are visiting from California. We’re enjoying our time with them.

Joel and Hunter being silly at TGI Fridays.

They’re never here long enough but we soak up every minute we can get with them.

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