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Month: April 2010

Another great day in Denver

Another fabulous day. It’s still going though so this is going to be another quick post. Today’s highlights:

• Shopping in a sweet, huge record store
• Photo ops downtown Denver
• BBQ with friends

Tomorrow we attempt to fly home. I say attempt because the flights are f.u.l.l. We’re going to try some round about ways to get back to ORD but I’m mentally preparing for another long day. At least I’m not alone. Joel and I will keep each other company and I’ll try and be far more chill than I was last time. I can’t wait to get home and sort through all our pictures. I’ll post them as soon as I can. *smile*

In Denver

Despite the rough start, this weekend is turning out to be a blast. We’ve met some really fun, nice people and have had a great time hanging out with old friends and new. If you’ve never heard of Five Iron Frenzy you’re really missing out. They were a great band and their fans are some of the best in the world (I’m defintely not biased*)

Highlights of the day:

• Our amazing hosts. Seriously some of the nicest people ever.
• Lunch downtown Denver
• Visiting Red Rocks amphitheater
• Coors tour
• Screening of the Five Iron Frenzy documentary

I’m having so much fun and I don’t want to waste much of the time I have here with my nose in my phone. I plan on doing small updates this weekend and once we get back on Monday I’ll post a real update with pictures and everything.

*yes I am

The waiting game

Today Joel and I are on our way to Denver for the weekend. For some reason the flights were abnormally full especially considering there’s a flight almost every hour between O’Hare and Denver.

Not to brag or anything but I am pretty awesome at looking at loads and figuring out whether or not I’m going to make it on the flight. I’m also not a fan of sitting around airports all day especially when I’m not being paid to do so. Normally if I don’t think I’ll get on a flight I just don’t try. I seriously hate the hassle.

Anyway, I checked the loads last night and the first several flights of the day were very oversold. That, and the fact that it was almost 2am convinced me not to even try for them. There was a 777 going out late afternoon and even though economy was almost 90 people oversold I thought we could make it into business class since it was completely empty. Silly me. Not only did they not call one single standby, some people with paid tickets didn’t even get on.

The next flight was a 757. Not as big but still I thought maybe. Nope. No standbys on that one either. Crap! Now I was starting to get frustrated. I seriously almost never miss a flight, especially ones I think I’m going to get on.

The next flight was another 777. Our names were literally on the edge of available seats vs standbys. Also, this was the second to last flight of the day. As boarding drew to a close and our names still looked like they miiight get called the suspense was killing me. Twenty one seats left and we were 20 and 21. The CSR called several names and then just said everyone else come up. Yes! You better believe I was the first in line. (in the least obnoxious way possible) I knew we were close to the very last to get on the plane and when we were given middle seats in the back of the plane I wasn’t at all surprised. I was shocked however when I saw we were sitting together. I would’ve been happy with a seat in the lav so I was ecstatic to be able to sit next to Joel. When you’re flying standby it’s seriously the little things.

I feel so lucky to have gotten this job where I can do things like fly to Denver just to visit friends. There’s no way we could afford to just buy a plane ticket right now. Even though it’s frustrating and I’m not able to actually work my job right now I’m so grateful. It may not be glamorous but I love, love, love being a flight attendant.

Rainy day running

Some brilliant twitter friends of mine suggested that my running headaches might be due to allergies and not my body rebelling against the exercise. I have both positive and negative feeling about this idea. On the one hand it would be great to know what my problem was so I could treat it. On the other hand I never had allergies before so the idea that I may have developed them sucks big time. Today was the perfect day to test the theory since it was raining all day and I assume that means pollen can’t be flying all around. I was kind of stalling to go for the run because, let’s face it, I have motivation issues. However knowing that my internet friends were still at it and if I didn’t run today I would fall behind was enough to get my butt out the door. For once my procrastination paid off and it had stopped raining by the time I finally decided to go, score!

I took Phoebe along again but she was less than pleased this time. Phoebe hates the rain. Usually this is good for me because she gets her business done as fast as possible and races back to the house. I thought it would be ok because it wasn’t actually raining but apparently wet ground is equally awful for the princess. There were literally times that I was dragging her. I didn’t get any pictures but imagine if this were a five pound papillon.

That’s pretty much how it looked. I probably looked like the worst pet owner ever dragging my dog down the street. It wasn’t like that the entire time or I definitely would’ve swung back to the house and dropped her off. She would run right along with me for awhile and then we’d come to a puddle or something and she’d go all stubborn mule on me. Guess it made my workout better since I was dragging a five pound weight around half the time?

She might also have been upset with me because I made her go out in a rain coat.

She looks so darn cute in it though!

She was probably all “My doggie friends are going to seee me like this. Ugh!”

It was for her own good though and not just because of the cute factor that I made her wear it. I just applied her flea medicine yesterday and she’s not supposed to get wet for at least 48 hours. I was not about to let an unexpected downpour wash off her (very expensive) flea medicine and risk getting fleas which would end up costing me more money. So she wore the darn coat and she hated every second of running.

Other than puppy troubles the run actually went really well. I can already tell it’s getting a little easier. It was past halfway before I started to get very tired. I’m pretty excited that this program is actually working! I might actually turn out to be a runner after all. I didn’t get a headache at all this time which means the allergy theory is probably correct. I had no idea allergies could cause no symptoms other than headaches. I’m going to keep and eye on the pollen count and when it’s high I’m going to try taking something and see if it helps. I’ll keep everyone updated.

I hope all my other C25Kers are doing well. It’s such motivation knowing I’m not alone in this. Together we can do this. Woot!

This cracks me up

Poor kid.

I get the awesome from my dad

I’ve written before about how my dad isn’t quite Mr. Internet Savvy. He’s in his 70’s though so he definitely goes in the category of getting credit for trying. The other day I picked up my dad and little brother from the airport and brought them back to our apartment to visit for awhile. During that time Joel was trying to set my little brother up on Twitter. While they were working on that it came up in conversation that my nephew John had set my dad up on Twitter as well.

My dad has a Twitter.


Well at least he isn’t following me right?

As Joel was finishing up the Twitter tour for my little brother he showed him how to text his updates from his phone.

Joel- “Just text 40404 and that will update your status.”

My dad- “Wait. What was that number again? I thought that was John’s phone number!”

He also said that would explain why he was only allowed 140 characters when he was texting John and didn’t have that restriction on anyone else.

I have to give my dad credit because the mix-up isn’t exactly his fault. Shortly after John set my dad up he must have had a phone number mix up of his own. Instead of texting Twitter John must have accidentally hit reply all. It also just so happened that it wasn’t just any old update John sent to his entire list of contacts, including my clueless about Twitter dad. The text message my dad got out of nowhere said:

STOP @LindaShutske

Linda is a friend of the family so of course my dad’s reaction was “Stop her from what?!” In fact, you can see my dad’s reaction in tweet form.

John, what does this mean?!!? Give me a call please.
6:53 PM Mar 31st via txt.

I kid you not, I’m still laughing about it.

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. *smile*

BA parody

I’m out in Wrigleyville tonight celebrating a friend’s birthday. I’m trying to post from my phone but it’s being a jerk so until I get to a real computer enjoy this parody of a British Airways commercial.

I’m not a runner… yet.

**I wrote almost all of this post yesterday but got hit with an unbelievable migraine. I’m not sure if it was from the running but it did start right after I was finished. I figure I was either dehydrated, wasn’t breathing right or my body was trying to kill me in protest of me making it work so hard. Either way I survived. Carry on.**

The idea of being a runner has always been appealing to me. Number 5 on my 30 by 30 list is running a marathon. My older brother, aunt and grandma all run marathons. My grandma is actually the most enthusiastic of them all. When I told her I wanted to run a marathon she about died of happiness. Then she immediately encouraged me to sign up for the Chicago marathon this year. This year, as in, in October. As in, in six months. At first I went along with it because I didn’t want to disappoint her. However, several stressful weeks and a couple nightmares later I questioned why I was going to kill myself by having my first race ever be the Chicago marathon.

Even when I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in I wasn’t able to run for more than a couple minutes without dying. Now? It’s bad guys. I am lucky if I can go a minute or two without sounding like an asthmatic 80 year old. Because of that I didn’t really know how to start being a runner. Thanks to inspiration from the fabulous JewliaGoulia I’ve officially started my journey from Couch to 5K or C25K. I’m really excited and I’m even more excited that there are twenty other people doing it with me. Seriously, so inspiring. I know myself and I need outside motivation to get things done. If it’s just me, I find a million and one excuses not to do things. When I have others keeping me accountable I am much more likely to get things done.

Today was day one and it starts off with an easy regiment of 60 second running, 90 second walking intervals for 30 minutes. Running for a minute should be a piece of cake, right? Yeah well, I’m seriously embarrassed to admit that it was hard. Way harder than I feel like it should have been. I did it though and I didn’t even die despite thinking I might several times. Joel was nice enough to agree to train with me and since my little brother was over he went along with us on our first run. We also drug Phoebe along.

She kept up pretty well.

By the end the she was really worn out though.

That’s about how we felt too.

We are so out of shape.

I think the lack of oxygen made us giddy.

I’m so glad I’m finally doing this. My goal is to sign up for a race later this year and to run Chicago in 2040, er, I mean 2011. It’s not too late to join in the fun either. If you’ve been meaning to start running but needed a little extra motivation scroll to the end of this post and add yourself to the list of other awesome wannabe runners. Either way wish me luck. Hopefully it will get easier and I won’t be gasping for air after only a minute of running. *hangs head* I’ll keep you updated on my progress.


I’m trying to put together a post but I have an unbelievable migraine that I just can’t shake. It went away for awhile and then I ate a cookie and it came back even worse than before. Stupid cookie. My head hurts so much I kind of want to cut it off just to stop the pain. Needless to say I can’t finish the post that I’m working on. I’ll try to have it up first thing in the morning. Sorry.

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