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Alice in Wonderland

I don’t know what it is about that story. I love it. Honestly the Disney version always kind of freaked me out when it was a kid but as an adult I enjoy it a lot more. At least now it doesn’t give me nightmares… most of the time. I haven’t seen nearly all the film versions which are listed here. I was excited to find out my favorite version is currently available (in 14 parts) on YouTube though. I tried adding it to my Blockbuster list a long time ago but it’s always a “long wait” so I have yet to get it mailed to me. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Here is part number one:

I’m a bit embarrassed that it’s a Hallmark film. But I don’t care, it’s still pretty awesome.

Also, I did see the Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland but that can’t qualify as my favorite version for two reasons. One, I just didn’t like how Alice was played. She wasn’t very likable and that kind of messed up the movie for me. Two, it’s not the “classic” Alice in Wonderland story. It’s more like a return to Wonderland. It was a fabulous movie but it didn’t unseat my standing favorite version.

What’s your favorite version of Alice in Wonderland?

Dear Winter,

There seems to have been some misunderstanding. I realize that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and all. That entitled you to six more weeks. That’s fine, I get it. However this is where we had the mix up. Perhaps you were under the impression that you could pick and choose those six weeks whenever you wanted. This is not the case. You get six weeks, in a row, starting on February 2nd and by my calculations you time was up on the 16th. On top of that you were given three days of a grace period to get anything else out of your system. You can imagine how displeased I was to wake up, on the first official day of Spring, to find this.

I can see how you might have thought that you were entitled to a few more days since you gave Spring a bit of a head start the last week or so. I’m not going to lie Winter, I really enjoyed those warm days. Now, don’t act all hurt and sulky. You have your place in my heart as well. It’s just, I like you a lot more when combined with holiday cheer. Once the holidays and my birthday are over and you still persist in dumping foot after foot of snow it starts to get old.

Anyway Winter, you just need to let go. Move on. You’ll have your time again. In fact, you get an entire quarter of a year. Why try and step on Spring’s toes? We both know you’re bigger and stronger than she is. She’s also kind of shy so you dumping snow on us her very first day just makes you look like a big bully. Is that what you want Winter?

We both knew this couldn’t last, Winter. Hey, it’s not all bad. Relax, go on vacation. I hear the Southern Hemisphere is great this time of year. We’ll see each other again but until November try and keep your snow to yourself.

See you next year,



Hair Saga: chapter one

Or, The Great Heat Wave of 2009

Oh my hair, my hair. My hair and I have been through many adventures together. My hair has a mind of it’s own, for real. My hair basically does what it pleases whether it makes sense or not. How many people do you know who have had both naturally straight and naturally curly hair at different points in their life? Without a perm? Well you now know at least one. *points to self* There have been many, many hair debacles over the years. I will ease you in with the most recent one.

If you haven’t checked out the post from when I went to Australia you definitely should. It was an amazing adventure and very nearly a perfect trip. I didn’t mention the one imperfection in that post because it wasn’t really the point. However if you know me really well you might have been able to guess. Here, I’ll give you a hint:

This is Joel and I walking the red carpet into the opera house. Amazing moment. Ignore the large man in the background. Notice something different about my hair?

If you said half of it is pulled back then ding ding you guessed correctly. While this is a perfectly fine hairstyle it’s not one I would normally wear. It’s also not how I planned to wear my hair that evening.

I’m a little bit, um, clueless when it comes to hair. I basically have two hairstyles: up and down. For work I’ll throw in a bun every now and then, ya know, if I’m feeling crazy. Other than that I have zero ability to do any fancy up-dos or anything. Since it was a big fancy occasion and a pony tail was out I decided to straighten my hair and wear it down. I know, incredibly posh. My hair generally looks pretty good down and let’s be honest, most of the paparazzi wasn’t there to take pictures of me (shocker I know). I consider myself a fairly seasoned world traveler so, even though I had a straightener from the States, I had my fancy outlet adapter so thought I was set. Plus, Plus, I had been straightening my hair with that exact straightener all the other days I was there. I had no reason to think anything would be different that evening.

You can probably guess where this is going. As I was straightening my hair I noticed what I thought was the effect of not quite drying my hair all the way. You know how when your hair is damp it steams a little when you apply a heating element? That’s what I thought was happening. I also thought it was a little strange because I didn’t think my hair was still wet but in my excitement for the event I didn’t stop to analyze things. At almost the end of the process I realized I smelled something funny. At the same moment I watched in horror as the bits of my hair that just had the straightener on them fell on the bathroom counter. O.M.G. I frantically ran my fingers through my hair and more bits fell.

And then I died.

Ok, I didn’t actually die but I really thought I was going to. I was on my way to walk the red carpet of a major motion picture world premiere. There were going to be movie stars and models there. People were going to want to take my picture (What?! A girl can dream, can’t she?) and I had just fried my hair! There was no time to for any real help. I had a mini meltdown and resigned myself to doing what I could with what I had. The half up-do was the result. Like I said, I’m pretty clueless.

When I came home and assessed the damage it was pretty bad. I had seriously fried my hair basically from root to tip. Some parts were worse than others. The underside of my hair was the least damaged while the top layer of hair and bits by my face were by far the worst. Just my luck of course since that’s the part that shows the most. I went to get it cut and there wasn’t much they could do other than shave it all off and that was not something I was willing to do. They cut as much off as I would let them and from there it’s just been a waiting game. I always thought my hair grew relatively fast but since this whole fiasco I’ve changed my mind. My hair is the slowest growing thing in the world.

Today I went to the Aveda Institute to get my hair cut today. Side not: I love that place. They give great hair cuts, use high quality natural products and they’re super inexpensive. Also, I’ve not been paid to say that. Anyway, since I’m getting to the end of the severe damage (thank goodness!), my student’s instructor suggested some sort of botanical deep conditioning treatment. It involved me sitting under the dryer with a super sexy towel thing on my head for 15 minutes.

Sorry boys, I’m taken.

In the end it made my hair much softer and actually seemed to repair some of the damage. I wish I had a before picture but I don’t so you’re just going to have to take my word for it with the after picture.

I’m not sure how well you can tell because it’s kind of small but I can see that the ends are damaged a little still. The rest of my hair looks super shiny and awesome though so I’m happy. I hope the treatment lasts until I can get back in for another trim.

I only have a couple inches to go before I’m back to having healthy hair. Of course I fully expect my dear hair to pull a fast one on me and add another chapter to my saga before too long. In the mean time though try to learn from my mistake. Do not use your own heating devices in a foreign country. If you have something fancy to go to buy one there or, better yet, have a professional do the job. I still have about three inches worth of reasons why it’s totally worth every penny.

Lovely Day

The weather has been gorgeous so I’ve left the patio door open the last couple of days.

Phoebe is fascinated. I can’t wait until Spring is here for real.

A Puppy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you had a fabulous day enjoying all things Irish. I also hope you’re not too hungover in the morning. I never really was into St. Patrick’s Day before. I’m not a big beer drinker and I didn’t think I was Irish so I was pretty eh about the whole thing. Last year I found out, on St. Patrick’s Day no less, that I am in fact part Irish. Woo hoo! I didn’t go crazy or anything. Still no green beer for me. Maybe next year. I did wear green and took Phoebe to a small dog meet up group though. She had a blast and I got to meet some nice ladies and visit while we talked about our “babies”.

Even though it was a small dog group Phoebe was still, by far, the smallest one there. She totally held her own though. I’m positive she has no idea she’s tiny.

Since it was a special occasion one of the ladies got a liver cake for the dogs. It was from Happy Dog Barkery, the same place we got Phoebe’s birthday cake. It was very popular with all the puppies. No, I did not try this one.

The stuff on the right is the cake. On the left is dog ice cream. Phoebe wasn’t very interested in the ice cream but she scarfed that cake right up.

It was really fun. Since I haven’t been working I have to find excuses to get out of the house more and actually meet some people around where I live. Plus, anyone that would bring their dog to a playgroup understands my love for my dog. It was a great, laid back way to celebrate the day. Plus, no hangover.

Funny Face

Phoebe cracks me up with her faces.

She may think that we give her rawhide bones because she likes them. That’s not totally true. We give them to her because they keep her occupied for hours. They’re the world’s cheapest puppy sitter.

This dog cracks me up so many times a day. I love her.

One more reason I’m a weirdo

I got my feet measured for running shoes today because I’m going to run a marathon. This is number 5 on my 30 by 30 list in case anyone is keeping track. Anyway, my aunt runs a running supply store (heh heh a pun) so I was all fancy shmancy and got fitted for shoes. Perhaps I’m just a loser and this is very normal to all of you but this was my first time getting measured for shoe since my mom took me to Stride Rite.

Now, I have always had trouble buying shoes. They always seem to fit me in the store but I go home and find out they’re too big. Every stupid time. Also, they always seem bigger on my right foot than my left. Now I know why. My left foot is no less than one and a half sizes bigger than my right. My aunt told me it’s normal for feet to be as much as a half size different but a whole size and a half?! No wonder my shoes always seem too big. I seriously could get shoes in two different sizes. Of course that’s much more expensive so I opted to just get shoes that fit my giant left foot. Not that either of my feet are actually giant. I wear a size 6 on my left foot. With my size difference that makes my right foot a size 4 1/2.

Absolutely RI.diculous.

Rental Only DVDs Update

Well, Joel is basically magic at the internet and found some more information about the whole Rental DVD issue. There’s not much info but he managed to find a couple articles. Apparently Fox has decided to strip their rental DVDs of special features in an attempt to boost DVD sales.

Bah, this means, more than likely, all rental companies will be affected. The thing is, I can’t imagine that this will actually help boost sales. I know I would never buy a DVD just to see the special features. If a movie is good enough for me to buy it I’ll buy it whether it has great special features or not. On the other hand, DVDs are way too expensive to buy a crummy movie just for the special features. I have never pirated a DVD but this makes me almost want to. Not that pirating would get me any special features either. *sigh*

Hopefully other studios won’t decide to follow Fox’s lead. As far as I can tell they’re alone in this. Although Warner Bros. has invented their own way of trying to boost sales by not releasing DVDs to rent until 28 days after their original release date. Again, makes no sense to me. If I haven’t seen a movie there’s almost no chance of me buying it. I either need to see it in theaters or I rent it. I want to make sure I actually want to watch a movie more than once before I buy it.

Maybe I’m wrong, I haven’t studied this. Would you buy a DVD only to see the special features? My guess is no and if I’m right all Fox and Warner Bros. are doing is alienating customers. They’re at least alienating customers like me who care enough to do the research.

Spring, is that you?

Tonight we set our clocks forward. Spring forward if you will. Seriously, that’s the only way I can remember when we do what. Spring forward, Fall back. Although I’m not really sure why you can’t spring back and fall forward… I sure have fallen forward before. I guess springing back would be trickier. I better stop, I’m confusing myself. One thing I never can remember is when “daylight savings time” is. Are we entering it now or did it just end? Anyone have a fun mnemonic device to help me remember that?

Anyway, we’re one week away from the first official day of spring. All the snow has melted and so has the ice on the lake. I awake to the sounds of birds chirping. The geese are coming back to the pond (which drives Phoebe nuts). I even saw my first robin today. The thing is, I can’t let myself get excited about it yet. Yes, the last week or so the weather has been beautiful. Even with the rain it hasn’t gotten very cold. However, I can’t remember a March when we didn’t have one last big snow.

I can’t decide if I’m being a pessimist or just realistic. I would love for it to be spring already. I went shopping a little today and all the spring and summer clothes in the store were calling my name. I’m just not packing up my sweaters yet. If they just sit in my closet that is perfectly fine with me. But when if that last snow of the year comes I’ll be ready for it. It always seems to happen but this is one thing I would have no problem being wrong about.

Waiting for lightning

Motivation is a tricky thing. One minute it’s there and the next it’s gone. Sometimes something that motivates me one day has no effect on me the next day, or even just the next minute. Why is it so hard for me to get and stay motivated? There are things that I want to accomplish in any given day but it’s always a toss up whether I can pull my butt off the couch and actually get those things done. It generally goes something like this:

Get out of bed.

Hm, laundry is piling up. I better do that today.

Well, I better eat first.

Grab breakfast.

Eating breakfast is boring. I’ll just put on an episode of a show while I eat.

Start show.

It obviously doesn’t take me the entire show to eat.

Do I pause my show when I’m done eating so I can start my laundry? Uh no.

Show ends.

Ah man, cliffhanger. I have to watch the next episode now.

Start another episode.

Joel comes home for lunch.

Pause episode.

I don’t want to waste time with Joel doing laundry. I’ll start it when he leaves.

Joel goes back to work.

I’ll start the laundry now. Oh wait, I never finished the episode. I’ll just finish it first really quick.

Sit back down on couch.

Start reading blogs.

Episode finishes.

I’m not finished reading these blogs. I’ll just put another episode on while I finish.

And so on…

All of the sudden the day is gone, I never did anything productive and I’m wondering where the time went.

It’s not always laundry. Sometimes it’s working out, running errands, cleaning the house or any number of other things I want to get done in a day. It’s not always my shows. There are a million other stupid little things I find to do to keep me from doing what I need to get done. There are days I get a lot done. It’s usually all or nothing. If motivation strikes I am a getting-stuff-done machine. I just have to wait for it and some days it may as well be lightning because there’s a one in a zillion chance of it striking me.

Thing is, I’m sick of it. I’m sick of feeling guilty because I did nothing all day. Again. I’m sick of rushing around like a mad woman because I need something that’s not clean or my house is a mess and someone is coming over in five minutes, aaaah! I’m sick of my clothes not fitting like I want because I didn’t go to the gym again. I’m sick of my couch having a dent in it the exact shape of my butt. I want to get more done every day. I want to cook and clean more and not only when I’m having people over. I want to be in shape. I want to feel like a productive member of society. I’m just not sure how sick of it I have to be before it motivates me to change. I’m the queen of procrastination and I’m over it. I just have to find that thing that motivates me. I’m not sure exactly what it is.

Maybe I have a brain defect in which I can only do things when it’s an omg, we’re going to be late and AH! It has to be done right. now. or someone will diiiiie! situation. It’s an illness I swear. Or at least I wish it was. Then there would be a pill for it. Wait. Is there a pill for this? Because I would pay a ridiculous amount of money to cure my chronic “procrastinitis.”

*sigh* That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But I’m guessing it won’t be that easy. It’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life. I work really well with a deadline. If something bad will happen if I don’t get something done, you better believe I get it done. I was great in school and at work. Anything that was due I got it done on time, if not early. I’m very motivated by not disappointing other people. Disappointing myself is somehow not the same. If there aren’t any consequences or the only person I’m failing is me… your guess is as good as mine if I’ll work up the motivation to do it or not.

Maybe my problem is waiting around for motivation. I just need to do things whether I want to or not. That is easier said than done of course. What motivates you? I seriously need help. Because if I don’t change things soon this dent in my couch will be permanent. And we cannot afford a new couch right now.

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