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Home Again

It’s good to be home. I had such a good trip but I missed Joel like crazy. My trip back was basically uneventful. I sat next to some nice people and my plane from Amsterdam to Memphis had “on demand” movies and games which was really awesome. I could start any movie I wanted whenever and fast forward or rewind as much as I liked. All my luggage got where it needed to go and yeah, it wasn’t too exciting one way or the other. My plane got into Chicago on time and I was home by about 10pm. To Joel’s dismay I unfortunately was wide awake at about 5am since that’s noon on my body clock right now. Oh well, lol. It was nice to spend the day with my husband. I made pancakes and did the laundry I needed to do and we relaxed around the house and enjoyed each others company. Then, when Joel had to go to school I met up with my mom and hung out with her for a couple hours. Today I’m back to work which I’m actually looking forward to. This evening part of my family is coming over for dinner which should be a lot of fun. I know that I haven’t updated pretty much at all since last week…I will work on that over the next couple days. So yeah, back to reality. *grin*




Please Stand By…

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  1. Melting

    Welcome home! We need to get together ASAP. 🙂

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