You Only Live Once, This Is How I’m Doing It!

Play Place Fun

Joel and I took the kids to an indoor place play the other day and had a blast.

grrr, tough guys!

The best thing about kids is you get to play like you are one and nobody thinks twice, *hehe*


I’ve moved


December Ninth


  1. those are cute pictures! especially the one you have of caroline in your profile!

  2. Abigail, we miss you. Love, Selah & Samara

  3. Hi Abigail (and Joel),

    This is Kevin from the Rotterdam cell.

    You’ve told me that the kids are cute and now I’ve seen the pictures, I think it is so true!

    I’ve been coming to this blog because your e-mail account isn’t working and I need to tell you and Joel that our Wednesday meeting (2nd Nov) is cancelled and we have a farewell party on Saturday for Julius (5th Nov)!

    If Joel and you happen to see this message before the above dates, please contact me asap ( / 0649765756).

    God bless!


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