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Month: August 2005

Listen to music while you work…

Robbert’s glasses got broken the other day while playing with the kids (and as a result he’s had to wear glasses that have made the kids point, laugh and call him an owl the past few days, lol) So his new ones were finally in and since he had to pick them up in Sassenheim where the his mom lives he took the kids to visit her. I stayed home of course and have been listening to Launchcast and ironing pretty much the whole day. Now, I like ironing but there are seriously like a years worth of clothes here! lol. Ok, maybe not that many but there are a lot. The boys are still on holiday from school so I’ve just been focusing on them until today so it’s really built up. So yeah, I’ve had fun and the hours have really flown by because it’s a relatively brainless activity so I just sing and kinda dance around and whatever while I’m doing it. The funny thing is though, I’ve ironed so much I seriously have a blister on my hand from it! And no, I didn’t burn my hand it’s just from the stupid handle, lol. I think it’s pretty funny, I didn’t even know it was possible. Anyway, that was pretty much my day. Tomorrow I get to meet with a new Au Pair from Lithuania which will hopefully be fun. She lives in Rotterdam too, yea! Until next time *smile*


I started doing pilates again finally. It’s one of the best whole body workouts that I’ve found that I actually enjoy. Anna Maria (miss you chica!) got me started on it and we used to do it together. Now that she’s gone and my vacation is over I have to start doing it again by myself. My plan was to start getting up an hour earlier than usual so I can get it done before I have to start my day…well that didn’t happen this morning, oh well.

Instead of just skipping doing it altogether though I decided to let the boys join me while I did it. It was so cute. They both got really into following what I was doing. Morten was very attentive to make sure that he was doing “exactly” what I was doing. Timo did at first but after awhile he would get bored with what we were doing and start doing his own thing. He then of course wanted me to watch what he was doing and tell him how good it was. Also both of the boys would stop every once in awhile, flex their arms and have me check and see how strong their muscles were getting, lol.

It made my workout so much fun and while I’m still going to try and get into the habit of getting up early and doing my workout, I now know if I don’t it’s just as much fun letting the kids join in. *smile*

Dancing and Giant Playgrounds

I love having the boys home from school. I get to spend so much more time with them and we tend to make it a point to go out and do fun things. One of the things the kids love doing is coming into my room, putting some fun music on (think Aqua) and dancing around until we’re all completely exhausted. It is so cute and so much fun. Here’s some pictures of them enjoying themselves-

Morten-ballet is so cool!

Aw, such loving siblings

Timo “helping” Caroline

Timo doing some of his “cool” moves

Another thing we all enjoy doing together when they’re off school is going to the zoo. This year they built a whole new playground that is just amazing. The first level is about 9 feet in the air and as you can see in the picture there are three layers altogether. I am seriously going back without the kids so I can actually just play on it…it is that cool, hehe.

Seriously…isn’t that great?!

Caroline sure loved it. There didn’t use to be a part for kids her size but now there is, yea!

All three of them playing in the sand box

Sand is just too much fun 🙂

So that’s that. The boys are still off school for the next couple weeks so you can expect more fun stories and pictures soon *smile*

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